Is Wix a scam?

Is Wix a Scam? – Advantages of Wix Website Builder

Website Name: Wix
Website: (affiliate link)
Price: Free, monthly from $4.08 to $24.90
Rating: 85/100

Is Wix a scam?


Looking for a great and easy website builder for building your own website? You may come across Wix. You may wonder is Wix a scam? It’s definitely legit for building hobbies and business website. Let find out it pro and con.

What Is Wix Website Builder?

In this Wix review, you will know is this your choice of website builder. You can drag and drop your content and images anywhere you like within your website. There are over 500 templates for you to chose from. The support is pretty comprehensive include help center, forum support, email and video tutorial.

Overall, there no need any knowledge of coding to build your very first website. It’s suitable for hobbies, designer, pets, restaurant and small business.


• Can get started for free
• Quite easy to use
• Stunning looking template
• Over 500 templates
• ECommerce (Premium)
• Apps builder
• Provide email marketing (Newsletter)


• Advertise visible at top and bottom (Wix Logo) for free account
• No switching of the template once chosen
• Not able to switch other web hosting
• Lack of SEO (Not easy to rank WIx website)
• Premium quite costly (Free Trial 14 days)

I got to give credit to Wix, as I used it to build my first website base my hobby. In terms of user friendly, I give them a thumb up. Not much of struggle I manage to build my free website within 30 min.

Is Wix a Scam?

The eCommerce template has also come in handy if you are looking to build an online store.

More feature added to Wix for your conveniences. Such as direct build your app along with your website right on the dashboard. You can simply switch to the app and start editing your app outlook..

Email shootout is another new function added in to help you send newsletters to your subscribers. These help you with downtime of creating email newsletter. Their newsletter template looks cool and easy to use.


I find that their support is pretty good, with clear and simple video on how to use their features. You can find your answers within the forum quickly. Can’t find what you want, simply email to them and you get a response within acceptable time within an hour or two. If you sign up as a premium user, you just a phone call away from their help desk. Start Building A Free Wix Website (affiliate link)


Is Wix a Scam

SEO Friendly?

I do my research, Wix is lacking of what my number one choice website builder (WordPress) capable of. It is not easy to see Wix website rank in SEO. The reason is they are flash-based website.

Search engine crawlers understand website with HTML based website, which is why I prefer WordPress and there is no ads. As you are reading this post is build by WordPress. You can build your here




Wix is not a scam, it is a great website builder for small business and individual. I do recommend using it without much technical barrier to deal with. But it always remains my second choice.

Wix Consumer Complain

As I have pointed out the pro and con in my review. I leave the choice to you. As I personally prefer SEO friendly WordPress.

If you are exploring building a long term online business such as affiliate marketing. Use WordPress to start a website or blog instead. It is a better content management system. With All in one SEO plug-in.

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Have you try Wix for building your website? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks

4 thoughts on “Is Wix a Scam? – Advantages of Wix Website Builder”

  1. Wix is one of the more popular website builders these days for folks looking to get a hobby website up or a website for their business in place.

  2. I have been working with them under an affiliate agreement since 2009 where Wix paid me regulary a 45% rev share for each premium user I sent as a referal for lifetime, In the last 6 years I generated them more than 23000 free users where near 1900 upgraded to premium users that paid them a monthly fee.
    Our agreement set on 2009 includes a 45% revenue share for each payment these paid users made to Wix for a lifetime of the paid member, thay paid me since the beginning with no problem an average of $2500 per month until on july 2015 they decided to stop doing it.
    They argue a terms of services changes which I agree that are perfectly fine, thay can change the future terms at any time in the same way I can decide to continue sending new members or not based on that, however those members registered and upgraded before these changes fail under the previous agreement so I should be collecting commissions for those members as I did for 6 years, however they consider that the agreement is over and they keep my earnings for them with no another choice.
    Im currently looking for other affiliates in the same situation to start a combined legal action against them, since is perfectly clear that they scammed me a pasive income of $30,000/year in affiliate comissions based on the previous stats where most of my earnings came from the users registered and upgraded before the terms changes.
    Full story and stats proof can be found at if someone needs to read the full story
    If you have been also scammed by this company, pls contact me. Thanks

  3. WIX IS A TOTAL SCAM! I subscribed their premium plan for years and I wanted to terminate the subscription. But every year still automatically charge from my card! Even WORSE, there was no notification every time they charged me, I only know they charged me when I saw my credit card statement! Which is way over their not-so-graceful “Grace refund period”. The WORST part is, I requested a refund and this is my second year already, THEY REJECTED EVERYTIME NO MATTER WHAT! They don’t even care to provide a reason! I am thinking if I should terminate my credit card as well! If this is what you want, go ahead and subscribe their shit service and that shit tool!

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