is just answer a scam

Is Just Answer a Scam? – Depend What Your Question

Website Name: Just Answer
Price: Free
Rating: 55/100

Is Just Answer a Scam?

Everyone have lots of the 5 Ws and H in their mind. Why, What, Who, When and Where. I add in another H, which is the How. Be it you are kid, teenager or an adult. There are so many questions we wish to get the answer.

Some answers come with a price, which I like to go through a website that you can get answers or give answers if you have the experience or knowledge. Heard of Just Answer? Is this another scam?

What is it?

Just Answer has been a place where you pay someone to answer your question. There are professionals sign up to this program waiting to provide answers and get paid. There are many categories you can choose from.

Professionals from all kinds of field. Such as doctors, vets, lawyers, teachers and more. It’s open for blue collars as well technician, plumbers, mechanics and more.

How it works?

This is how it works. Customers register themselves in Just Answer and name their price within the range of $10 to $40. An answer coming from an expert within an hour or so, if the customer happy with the answer. The expert gets to keep 25% to 50% of customer offer. The rest goes to Just Answer.

To join them as a professional to give advice and answer. You need to apply online and submit your resume. They really mean business and know what they are doing. To avoid any Tom, Dick and Harry pretending to be an expert.

For Whom?

It’s straight forward, if you are looking for your answer fast and willing to pay the price. You can try it out. If not, use your time to search the internet. Most of time you able to get your answer.

To make extra money online using Just Answer, is a Yes and No. If you do not know how to build a website, you can join them as it is free. But these days building a website is longer techy.

Having your own website to help with the business directly and build your relationship closer with your customer

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Is Just Answer a scam? From my opinion, it is not a scam. There’s nothing wrong to get paid to give people what they need. But there some questions that people looking for can be urgent.

Consumer Affair : Just Answer’s Consumer Complains

Question like your children medical condition or pet health issue. This is considered critical to me. As a parent or pet owner, you should seek help by going to consult doctor or vet directly.

With the power of the internet, search engine becomes so user friendly. With a type of some keywords you need in Google, YouTube, Yahoo or Bing you almost able to get what you need. Need a free answer go to Yahoo Answers.

Here come to my end of getting your 5 W + H. If you are looking for the “How” to make money online. Read My #1 Recommend Product.

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Have you tried Just Answer? Like to hear from you, feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks

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