Is Shopify The Best eCommerce Website Builder?

Is Shopify The Best eCommerce Website Builder? – Most Likely It Is

Product Name: Shopify


Price: Free Trial, $29, $79 and $299 monthly

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


Shopify is one of the robust eCommerce website builder that is now widely used by online marketers. For those who are not so familiar with the product, you are probably wondering is Shopify the best eCommerce website builder? There are so many online sellers these days and are looking for reliable platform to build a website where to market and sell their products in the Internet.

Shopify is usually recommended by many but just what does Shopify offer to online marketers? Here is our Shopify review to help you ascertain whether it is a good platform to consider for your business.

Are you interested in Shopify? Here’s a little overview for you!

Shopify Review

Shopify is an eCommerce website builder that is primarily designed to help create an online store with features that will enhance your ability to sell online. While there are so many eCommerce platforms in the market today there are many online marketers who are using it because of its hosted commerce solution which provides all your needs from starting up a business and selling your products online.

Its features are designed to help even the newbie eCommerce marketers to start their business from scratch and build their own website without the hassles. Shopify is considered to be a highly competitive eCommerce solutions these days owing to the turn-key solutions they provide for online selling.

Are you interested in Shopify? Here’s a little overview for you!

The Shopify features

Being a hosted solution for eCommerce, Shopify provides good competition against other similar marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. There is a Buy Button functionality that you can use to integrate it with your Point of Sale (POS) as well as inventory options.

The integrated features of Shopify make it convenient for your customers to simply click buttons when buying the products sold from your website anywhere they may be online, like when they are in WordPress blog, Facebook, Tumbler or Pinterest.

The platform provides an administration area that allows you to start building your own website. From here you can also manage your website features and functionalities. The site also has a feature that allows you to accept credit card orders.

Shopify also provides a secure shopping cart feature that is integrated to the eCommerce website you create. Its software is Paypal and credit card integrated ready and with more than 70 payment gateways. The encryption used by the software is Level 1 PCI compliant and has 256-bit SSL certificates. This feature provides your customers the confidence of making a safe payment and confidentiality on the details of their payment orders.

If you do not have an existing domain name, Shopify makes it easy for you to purchase one for your eCommerce site. You can also use your existing domain site. It is also SEO optimized in order to help your site get more traffic and consequently more sales. Shopify seems to provide all the basic SEO CMS friendly features like customizable H1, tags and title. You can also generate sitemaps.xml files to update your site with the newly published products and services on your site.

The Pros about Shopify

One of the standout features of the platform is the high speed security for hosting. This means that your products will load fasts for your customer’s viewing. Speed tests were done on the site by some Shopify reviews and it appears that it has a fast built in speed and also provides good security for hosting.

The security of the hosting service of Shopify is considered to be at a global platform level. Shopify also provides good customer support. They have a wide database of email and chat support and knowledgeable support to provide assistance. You can also use the Shopify software for free within its 30-day trial period.

The Cons about Shopify

One of the cons that are seen from Shopify is its pricing. It appears that the monthly costs for your subscription could go higher in the long run. It is considered to be consistently getting more expensive overtime just like all the hosted platforms would price their eCommerce solutions as compared to a self hosted eCommerce site that you host yourself.

Then there are also the add-on applications that will also cost you additional money to spend. However, owing to its unique features that allows you to optimize your marketing and sales effort the pricing can be worth it when you know the technical aspect of tinkering over its other customization options.


Is Shopify the best eCommerce website builder? It probably is considering the great features that come with its platform. Many of its features are designed to optimize you eCommerce marketing and sales efforts and using its functionalities are easy. While it may be quite more expensive to use than a self hosted site, you will find that it can be a worthwhile investment to make.

Are you interested in Shopify? Here’s a little overview for you!

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