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Is Founder Fly a scam? An opportunity for you.

Review on Founder Fly.

Product Name: Founder Fly

Membership fee: $1 for 3 days / 19.95 per month.

Owner: Ryan Lee


Rating: 65/100

Founder Fly

When you look in the internet deep enough, you may find a lot of opportunities that can be explored and to make yourself an internet sensation. Well, I am not the internet sensation and I am still learning and but hopefully one fine day, I will get the opportunity.

When you talk about programs or training sites that can help you in your online business, you can be looking at a lot of programs. There are some programs that are useful and there are some programs that are scam. So, how do you find a suitable program to help you? Important point to note on being successful in your online business are as follow.

a) To learn to build your own website.

b) To create traffic to your website by means of marketing your product such as getting people to know your website.

c) To get your website a high ranking in search engines such as Goggle, Yahoo, etc.

So which program are you looking at to help or assist you in your online business? Let’s get on with our review.

What is Founder Fly?

Founder Fly is a training site that allows its members to learn and build a successful online business. How does Founder Fly help its members? The training site teaches members the proper way to start and promote their online business and have up-to-date strategies on internet marketing to share with its members. The programs offers essential tools and materials to help its members the foundation of internet marketing and to succeed online.

Founder Fly2

On the essential tools Founder Fly offers includes video tutorials that are quite informative and I can say the product is legit. Like I said to be successful in your online business, you will need a website that works for you and you will need quite a considerable training such as tracking your traffic on Google Analytics & Webmaster tools, email marketing, keywood searches, writing content blogs, just to name a few.

In Founder Fly, Ryan Lee offers quite a reasonable training but from my point of view, if you are a seasoned internet marketer, I think you will be slightly bored as there are not much to learn as the articles and video trainings are a bit limited from my point of view.

What I really like a bout Founder Fly is that there is no upsells after you join the program. There are many programs out there that have multiple upsells after you join their program and this will blow your initial investment.

Another upside about Founder Fly is about their community. When you join a program, you will a community to help you on your doubts and Founder Fly does have a good community base which I think is important for you as a member. There are many active members with experience and I guess the package is pretty good.

Is Founder Fly a scam?

Personally, my opinion is Founder Fly is legit. It is not a scam. The initial cost is rather cheap at $1 for 3 days and thereafter $19.95 per month. The information and training provided is adequate and can be used for new internet marketers or even seasoned marketers.

Founder Fly1

As for the disadvantages, one of them is the video tutorials which can be improved as there are limited videos tutorials on hand.


As a user of Founder Fly, you can learn quite a fair bit on internet marketing and the support you get from their community is great. There are some disadvantages on Founder Fly but I have not seen any red flags to highlight to you.

However, from my point of view, I do feel it is not as advanced as other programs you can find in the internet but it is reasonably affordable. The program can be improved upon and be a good option in future. Improvement is needed in their video tutorials as there are quite a number of feedbacks on that and I hope they will find a way to improve that.

So to conclude, it is a legit product but not that great. I do have a better option for you especially if you are new to internet marketing. You can check out my #1 Recommend Product review and I will assure you that this is the product you are looking for. It is the place where you can learn extensively in website building, traffic generation and be successful in your online business.

If you are a member of Founder Fly or ever experienced Founder Fly, feel free to comment below and share with me. Stay Safe.

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