Is Membership Sites Blueprint a scam? Affiliate marketing or Membership Sites, you choose.

Product Name: Membership Site Blueprint

Owner: Peng Joon


Start up fee: $37 and upsells – 1(trial) with $47/mth and $97 discounted from $197

Rating: 40/100


Personally, my goal as an internet marketer is to see my websites and online projects to be successful and profitable. I tend to look for every possible ways to make my money grow online taking into consideration of business models that can achieve my goals for YR2015.

One of the ways that you can do is to create a membership site for your website. There are quite a few good products in the market that can teach you how to create a membership sites. Chris Farrell has a program on membership site which you can check out.

This product is also quite similar and it is about building membership sites. The thing about membership sites is it can be a good platform for your online business but building a membership website can be complicated. It is not that easy as affiliate marketing but if you have a training product that is good and easy to understand, then it is worth a shot.

So let’s start with our review.

What is Membership Sites Blueprint?

Basically, Membership Sites Blueprint teaches you on how to create membership sites to sell your product and thereafter users may log in as members and pay a recurring monthly fee. This is a good idea as you as the owner of the website will have a stable income flow per month. This is how it works as a membership website and you have your own followers or members to share your products to new members.

The program is good in a way as it teaches you in detail the set up for a membership website. Membership website is totally different from affiliate marketing and you will need a good program to learn and apply. So, there will be a lot of training modules to go through once you opt in for this program.

Concept of Membership Sites Blueprint

The concept is a bit complicated than affiliate marketing. The first few steps are the same like building your own website and getting traffic to your website. Then, create a niche for your desired audience and getting the group of people to buy in your program or product.

So in affiliate marketing, once you are done building your website and getting traffic, you can get your commission when a person buys your products or go through your affiliate links. In membership sites, you will need an extra step, you will need your audience to opt in as a member (you can charge them a monthly fee or either free) and provide information of your product, help them to solve their problem in whatever niche you do.

So the more people that sign up as members, you can grow and make your website a profitable one.

This program will teach you the process and set up to create a membership website but I can tell you it will not be as easy as you think and you will need to sustain this website as members will tend to quit if you don’t provide enough information frequently.

Should I follow Buy Membership Sites Blueprint?

The thing about Membership Sites Blueprint is that there is a 30 day outline schedule to follow in creating your membership site. You must have a timeline to built our own membership website and I think this is a good way to start rather then you start reading and don’t apply it.

One of the issues with this program is the upsells. I don’t like upsells but if there are ample information, I am for it. Anyways, the main program have many information and I don’ t think you need to consider the upsells.

So let’s go to the pros and cons now.

Pros and Cons


  • Good information on creating a membership websites
  • Step-by-step tutorials and easy to understand on ideas to build a business thru’ membership sites


  • Upsells
  • False claims that membership website are way to go to earn money online
  • Membership websites not for beginners


There are a lot of programs in the internet and you do not know where to start and how to choose. For me personally, Membership Sites Blueprint is not a scam but a good platform to learn about Membership Sites.

I have not gone down to do a membership site yet but will certainly do if time permits. There are a couple of projects I have on hand and I am focusing more on affiliate marketing. Membership site can be an interesting platform for me but I think I will KIV this project. It is better to know your core skillsets the divest into another skillsets.

So if you need to know more about affiliate marketing, you opt in to join my FREE 5 days affiliate marketing course or you may want to read my #1 product review on Wealthy Affiliate. It is a great program and you will learn a lot about the foundation of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Btw, when I went to check the website, it is sold out. Not sure why, maybe a product update but you have to stay tune then.


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