Is Affiliate Marketing Revolution A Scam?

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Affiliate Marketing Revolution is just of the many online programs offering the quickest way of earning money online through affiliate marketing strategies. Considering there are many unreliable and controversial programs offering the same thing online it is not surprising if you ever wonder is Affiliate Marketing Revolution a scam?  If you are an aspiring affiliate marketer and considering trying the bold claims of the program to give you the opportunity of learning how to make money at home, here is our review to give you some insights on what Affiliate Marketing Revolution is about.

Affiliate Marketing Revolution Review

Affiliate Marketing Revolution is another program that claims to provide you the resources and learning tools about affiliate marketing.  According to the site they can provide the quick way of learning affiliate marketing using their training modules and resources consisting of videos, audio and pdf files. You will get from your subscription fee of $19.95 a training course with modules sent to you on a weekly basis and they are downloadable files in video, audio or pdf format that are compatible on your tablet, mobile or computer. There are basically 4 modules in all with the first module tackling about how to gain the proper mindset for affiliate marketing. The second module discuss about how to use YouTube and learning blog analysis and making profit from them. The third module helps you learn how to use Clickbank and JVZoo. The fourth module helps you learn how to monetize your YouTube videos.

In addition to these modules on the basics about affiliate marketing are some training on creating an online business, targeting traffic, using social media and email marketing to earn money. The program also teaches how to outsource tasks for efficient management of your affiliate marketing endeavor and some other similar tips and strategies. The program claims that their strategies work without you needing some affiliate marketing experience in order to succeed.

The good side of Affiliate Marketing Revolution

One of the good things about the program is that the training modules provide you good options however you want to learn. If you prefer reading the materials you can always opt for the pdf format of the module. If you are not a visual learner, the audio format is an advantage while the video training tools provide you both visual and audio learning sources. Moreover, there is no need to make your own products which helps you get started right away. The information are also simplified and broken down into shorter information that will not overwhelm you. The training also consists of step by step action plan that suits your own pacing to learn. This learning style helps you to focus better on your learning.

The downside of Affiliate Marketing Revolution

While there are legitimate training modules that come with your subscription the information provided are hardly revolutionary as claimed by the program. The truth is for someone who is good in researching online you can always find good sources on the web for free with the kind of information provided in the training modules. There is wealth of information online that provides all the basics about affiliate marketing. The strategies and methods being taught by the program are actually available in other affiliate marketing sites. Moreover, it is quite misleading to tell you that it will not take long before you can get results. As a matter of fact, affiliate marketing can become profitable to you in the long run but is not a get quick rich scheme. You need to do a lot of hard selling and building your own affiliate sites and traffic before you can start experiencing good income from it.

It is also worth managing your expectations from affiliate marketing. Contrary to what the site provides as your potential income, the figure is unrealistic to earn within such a short period of time. There are apparent red flags too when it published some fake testimonies and positive reviews when promoting their services. This is a tricky way of enticing people to click their buy button to subscribe to the program. While the program is so easy and convenient to use it is not proper to keep your expectations high that you will earn large profits by using their modules and resources.


Affiliate Marketing Revolution provides some legitimate information about affiliate marketing, however their modules contain information that are although valuable and helpful, but can always be found online for free. If you want to ask Is Affiliate Marketing Revolution a scam? there are quite some red flags that will alert you that it is not engaged in honest marketing pitch considering the false claims and fake testimonies and positive reviews they give on their product. However, you will always get something out from your subscription which are the learning modules which is fair enough, but again the information provided are not quite revolutionary since you can access many of them on the web for free.

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