Is Financial Fitness A Scam?


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These days there are many programs that are offering financial solutions to help you reach financial freedom. Getting in control of your finances is something important that you should learn to help you exercise the more responsible way of handling your finances. For some, it is difficult to know how and where to start. That is why financial programs are getting more popular these days as a resource to help people get back on track on their financial condition.

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One of these programs is found online and it is called the Financial Fitness program. It offers different resources to help you become financially fit. However, you need to pay a price to get access to its learning materials. As any prudent person would do, you will certainly ask is Financial Fitness a scam? before you have the liberty of paying for it. Here is some information that we have gathered about the program that can help you decide whether it is worth your money or not.

Financial Fitness Review

The Financial Fitness is a program that offers you financial solutions to help you learn the “principles behind the offense, defense and playing of personal finance” as described on the site. It is one of the three products that are being sold under the Life Leadership program which sells informational and educational resources and tools.

The Financial Fitness program focuses on helping others to learn debt freedom by providing financial fitness products and services. It is primarily focused on providing financial development. The other programs include the Life Compensation Plan that offers assistance towards financial freedom through its sales compensation plan while the Life on Life Initiative program provides functional freedom which gives charitable outreaches that is designed for the underprivileged and disenfranchised.

What you get from your subscription

The Financial Fitness program requires you to subscribe for the learning tools and materials at $120. Your purchase comes with a Financial Fitness book, workbook, audio discs, decals all of which come in three languages. The information you need is also available digitally through eBooks, eWorkbook and audios.

Unlike with the other similar programs online, the audio materials of Financial Fitness are available offline. The users of the materials will also have the opportunity for an interactive educational experience in learning language and developing their sales skills. A good perk with your subscription is you will have access on services that help you track down your expenses, monitor your credit, and save money on their spending.

The Pros

Financial Fitness does provide something in exchange for your money. The materials are indeed useful and helpful for those looking for better financial liberty of managing their finances and learning how to manage their money. The learning materials are also accessible even when offline which eliminates the need for an internet connection in order to make use of them.

The program does provide some help in changing your financial lifestyle. There are different ways of learning financial development using the materials and sources provided by Financial Fitness and you will always find the workbook very helpful in your learning by practical application or exercises.

The Cons

While there is wealth of information provided by Financial Fitness the program does come with flaws. This does not particularly involved the Financial Fitness but the Life Leadership program itself to which the Financial Fitness is one of its products. Some negative feedbacks are noted when it comes to the producer’s refund policy where it becomes quite difficult to get a refund from your subscription.

One of the difficulties of getting a refund is there is no customer service to talk to. You are required to email them and there is no guarantee of getting an immediate response. Moreover, once the materials are shipped prior to your request for a refund you will not get the full amount of your payment because you will be required to ship back the materials to them first hence what you get is only a partial refund.


Generally the answer to the question is Financial Fitness a scam? In my opinion, it is not. Your subscription or purchase always comes with good materials and learning tools to help you reach financial development. There are good reviews about the content of the learning materials and you will obtain better financial insights and perspectives about money management. Unlike other learning resources you will find them useful even when offline.

The only catch is the negative review from other subscribers when it comes to customer service support where it is quite difficult to talk to someone with your concerns about your purchase or subscription and getting a refund. However, this issue can be a minor one if you do not intend to get a refund and happy with the materials you received from Financial Fitness.

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