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Product Name: Affiliate Blogging Ninja


Price: $16.83

Owner: Shreya Banerjee

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100


Blogging is one way of making money online and there are different ways by which you can build your income from it. There is a bigger opportunity when you do blogging with affiliate marketing. For someone who is not aware how to do about it, the Affiliate Blogging Ninja offers an opportunity to learn this kind of niche.

However, in order to access the training program you will have to shell out some money, which makes you wonder Is Affiliate Blogging Ninja a scam? We wondered too since some marketers are talking about this earn from home opportunity so here’s a review about Affiliate Blogging Ninja that can help you gauge whether this program is worth trying.

Affiliate Blogging Ninja review

The Affiliate Blogging Ninja was created by Shreya Banerjee with some training modules that can help you start a profitable blog that can earn you an income even you just stay at home. You need to purchase the program at $9.95 which is a cheap form of investment for some serious income to make in the future. But there are upsells that come with your purchase where you can upgrade to Affiliate Vlogging Ninja at $37, PLR bundle for $14.95 and Done For You Blog at $197.

Honestly once you learn the basics about affiliate blogging you can certainly dispense from these upgrades so you may opt to pass. There are products that come with your purchases which come in six modules with each having different video trainings to watch. You will learn different things about blogging and how to complement it with affiliate marketing.

The videos are broken down in snippet sized training which is good for the beginners who might be overwhelmed with the new information to learn while starting to use the program. There are 27 videos overall with about 3 hours to complete.

The training modules

The first module is the longest of all since it covers a broader area about affiliate marketing with the inclusion of discussions about setting up a domain and hosting. You will also learn how to use WordPress and selecting the most helpful plugins when creating your blog site pages. It also includes training about email marketing.

The second module focuses more about content and creating headlines. The third module teaches you to cover the how, why and where aspect of product selection when promoting your blog. The fourth video consists of content writing tips and affiliate links provided. The fifth module will teach you about traffic on your blog site. The last video basically covers the monetization of your blog site.

Pros about Affiliate Blogging Ninja

One of the best things about the program is it allows you to download the videos which means they are available for offline viewing. You can easily access to watch them anywhere you may be without the need to connect to the internet. Moreover, the training videos are not so overwhelming to watch. They are broken down into bit sized portion which allows you to focus more on each video without feeling tired.

The longest video lasts about 16 minutes while the rest usually takes up to 8 minutes long only. The modules cover basically all you need to know about affiliate marketing and blogging. Additionally, the sales pitch of the program offers a realistic income to earn within a given period of time unlike other earn from home schemes. The photos are also real and not taken from free image sources.

Cons about Affiliate Blogging Ninja

The downside about the training tools is that the videos are not really of superior quality but ok overall. The sound of the video may be an issue to some since there is a bit of a buzz right then and there but generally you can still manage to get through the training. Besides what do you expect to get from a $9.95 worth of training videos?

The coverage of the training modules are good enough to get going for a beginner but for someone with a lot more experience about blogging and affiliate marketing the information may not be enough to cover all the grounds for more in-depth training about affiliate blogging. But there are good enough strategies that a newbie can learn for a start.


So, if you ask Is Affiliate Blogging Ninja a scam? The answer would be no it is not. It is a legitimate training program for affiliate blogging that can provide beginners in this niche a good ground to cover to learn about earning money through blogging and affiliate marketing.

The video training’s are good startup when you want to start making money online. It is best for beginners but may not be too valuable among advanced bloggers and affiliate marketers.

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