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Company Background


Affiliate Rebirth was brought back to life by three brilliant people – Stefan Ciancio, Grigory Kononenko, and Shahnawaz Sadiquee. This is a video training program suited for affiliate advertisers that make some good claims about how much money can you earn by launching your own site.

This program is intended to teach you different ways on how you can do affiliate marketing successfully to earn as much as a thousand dollars per week without spending for traffic.

Does this sound new to you? As per this program’s creators, you can really make good money using free traffic generation techniques! That is the trend today! Say goodbye to email and social media advertising; learn more about Affiliate Rebirth Scam below.


Affiliate Rebirth Hype – How Does It Work?


To start off, you would be asked to buy the program at its marketed price, which is $17.70.

As soon as your order is completed, you will be given several other offers:


Upsell 1: Done for You Pack

This contains researched information on 10 niche websites which you can work on real time. It comes with full affiliate products, keywords, and information about your competitors. This offer is worth $47.

Upsell 2: Affiliate Rebirth Elite #60k Case Studies Bundle

For the same price of $47, you will be allowed to copy and paste one of this program’s most successful nice sites. This allows you to save time designing your own page and creating contents.

Upsell 3

Priced at $27, you will get secret link building techniques for you niche sites.

After these 3 offers, you will be directed to your Affiliate Rebirth account area that is being hosted by JVZoo. In here, you will get 4 modules of training videos:

1st Module: Niche Selection

This module will show you earning proofs – the types of web traffic that the creators’ niche sites are making. You will likewise be taught on you can score great niches through top notch companies like Amazon.  SERP results from Google will be discussed and you will be asked to duplicate some contents for content ranking. Good keyword research and use (informational keyword and intent keywords) is highlighted in this module.

2nd Module: Content Creation

How to create quality contents for you niche is the highlight of this module. The creators would give you tips on how you can maximize conversion from traffic. The best layout for your home page is suggested; the use of comparison tables, banners, and h2 headings will also be discussed. Keyword categorization is also tacked in this module. The use of both supporting and epic posts is important in affiliate marketing, and this is where you can learn more about them. Once your site is completed, it can be lined up in Google Sandbox. This module will teach you how you can get out of it immediately.

3rd Module: Site Setup

This is the phase were you would start learning more about selecting URL, getting a host service provider, creating WordPress themes, use of plugins for sites like Amazon, speed up page loading through caching, etc.

The creators will also hand you some pointers on what you should not do as an affiliate of sites like Amazon. These include iframing, ebook links, link cloaking, and more.

4th Module: Traffic

This last module emphasizes the importance of getting long term traffic. You will be given tips on how you can generate traffic easily by adding links on forums related to your product or service. You will be taught on how to use different kinds of links and backlinks. In this module, the creators also mentioned about PR links from educational institutions and other learning groups. Infographics and blog commenting are also part of this module.

Affiliate Rebirth: Advantages and Disadvantages

Is Affiliate Rebirth a Scam

Same as any other training programs, Affiliate Rebirth also has its own advantages and disadvantages:


Affiliate Rebirth gives a very detailed training course not only for aspiring marketers but for newbies as well. The modules are very easy to understand as they also come with videos and can be taken even at the comfort of your own office or home.

A 30 day money back guarantee is promised if you will not be satisfied with the program. This has already been proven true by some legit customers.


Because it is a new technique, it still has some rough edges and needs further improvement to be at par with some training programs available online.  Newbies may have some difficulty following some of the courses, especially those who do not speak or understand English well. The creators, who are the main actors in its videos, have accents.

The program does not offer a member forum, though it has a webinar for registration.



For the price of $17, Affiliate Rebirth is quite a good buy. You can get quality information with video tutorials that can be useful to start up your website. Its projected earnings of $3,000-$5,000 per month may not be true for all its users, but it can be done, depending on your performance. You will definitely be on your way towards making more money if you can really follow the tips given on this training program.

As for the promised free traffic, yes, it is true. You just have to work on link posting, commenting, etc.

All in all, Affiliate Rebirth is legit and is worth trying.

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