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FB Commission Formula Review- Boost Your Sales from Facebook Ads

Product Name: FB Commission Formula

Website: http://www.fbcommissionformula.com/

Price: $77

Owner: Mario Brown and Alex Costan

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

FB Commission Formula Product Overview

fb commission

Facebook currently has 1.86 billion active users in its network worldwide. That’s equivalent to an average of five new profiles every second. This makes Facebook as the biggest social media platform today. With its improving algorithm in breaking down users to different niche, interests, and categories, it is a great marketing tool for marketers.

What FB Commission Formula offers is something straightforward when it comes to affiliate marketing. It provides different modules that will teach you how to sell using Facebook. FB Commission formula offers different modules that aim to teach marketers how to target their niche effectively. It also teaches you how to launch a campaign in order to get the best results from affiliate marketing. It simplifies marketing approach via Facebook tailor-made even for those with no technical knowledge.

What exactly does it teach? It is designed to teach its subscribers how to lead traffic from Facebook into a bonus page that sells a product where you can earn a commission.

But aside from using Facebook, it also offers information on how to find the right product to promote as an affiliate marketer. Included is a tutorial on how to create a bonus and how to find bonuses that you can give away to targeted users.

The Good

  • Simplified approach to affiliate marketing
  • Learn more about how to use Facebook to gain success as affiliate marketer
  • Different modules that avoid information overload
  • It gives you an idea on how to find a product that you can promote

The Bad

  • There is still no guarantee how much you are going to make

Who Benefits From FB Commission Formula

fb commission

As an affiliate marketer, it is imperative that you learn to use different funnels of traffic for a product that you are selling. Facebook remains a great way to deliver traffic towards your product. It is also a useful tool that targets your market.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use Facebook to their advantage. If there is anyone who is going to benefit from this product, that would be an affiliate marketer frustrated of dealing with the same old tricks that don’t work. It is also the perfect product for anyone who is looking to improve their utilization of social media in getting traffic.

Aside from those who are planning to earn as an affiliate marketer, it also has the potential of helping Amazon marketers who are directly selling their product. It is also a great tool for product reviewers to get commissions from what they’ve written once the content is shared on Facebook.

FB Commission Tools and Training

By paying $77, you get all the modules that you will need. Included in the modules are videos that you can watch and learn from especially if you are a visual learner. The videos won’t clog your brain with information since these videos are only around 10 minutes long.

It is highly suggested that you jot down notes while watching the videos. It also includes walkthroughs not only on how to utilize Facebook Ads but also how to use bonuses in selling products.

Also, if you are having a difficult time finding a product to sell, its modules will teach you how to find products that can convert into a sale.

FB Commission Formula Support

It is easy to find the help that you will need if ever you encounter any problem with FB Commission Formula. But since everything will be explained in simple and effective manner, you’ll most likely not need any help from the support. The good news about this product is that it has a 30-day money back guarantee if you find yourself not convinced with what they are telling you.

FB Commission Formula Price

fb commission

FB Commission is sold for $77. Included are five modules that teach you the ins and outs of using Facebook to earn cash from affiliate marketing. Here are thorough explanations of the modules.

  • Module 1– Included in this module is an explanation how their formula works. They explain the proven effective income generating formula that gives you a head start in using Facebook.
  • Module 2– In this module, FB Commission Formula will discuss how to find promising products that you can sell. Since not all products sell the same way, this module tells you how to find an appropriate product which has the potential to catch the attention of customers online.
  • Module 3– In this part of the course, FB Commission Formula teaches the elements that should be present in every launch if you plan on converting on what you sell online.
  • Module 4– On the fourth module, you will learn exactly how to build your own page and package that potentially attracts interested parties. This is the part of the course where you will be given the chance to explore the possibility of having multiple conversion pages.
  • Module 5– Lastly, you will be taught on how to launch, set-up and manage a successful Facebook Advertising campaign. This gives you the chance to maximize ROI on your ads.

Final Opinion on FB Commission Formula

Monetizing from Facebook traffic is a good way to earn money. Combine it with affiliate marketing and you have the perfect formula to earn cash online. FB Commission Formula is a great product that can easily be the right product for a number of online marketers ranging from affiliate marketers to Amazon marketers. It can also potentially play a game-changer for businesses selling their products online.

Let’s discuss the good thing about this product. What it offers is a highly informative crash course on how you can use Facebook traffic from Facebook ads to become your customer. It also teaches you how to identify the right product that you can easily earn from.

On the other hand, let’s admit that there isn’t always a guarantee of ROI. There is always that chance that your campaign isn’t going to give you the big bucks that the website has been saying.

Should you be buying it? If you want information on how to potentially sell products online, minus the required technical and marketing know-how, this is the product right for you. What it offers is a crash course on how to increase your chances of selling products online using Facebook for $77.

Check Out FB Commission Formula Here

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