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Review on Wealthy Affiliate

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Membership fee: Free for start-up / Premium membership – USD$49 per month / $359 per year.

Rating: 98/100

 Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

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What do you see in Wealthy Affiliate? How can it help you in your online business?
I am going to provide you with my honest opinion and hopefully by the end of this review, you will get some information on Wealthy Affiliate, how can it help you as a user to further your knowledge on internet marketing. Whether or not you are a newbie or a marketer who has been in this for awhile, I can assure you that you will benefit from this program.

When you sign up as a member, you will need to go through an introductory course (Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 1) where you will learn core subjects about internet marketing. You will get to learn building a basic website, hosting, creating niches, getting traffic, etc which is one of the fundamental of internet marketing. This course will also give you an idea on affiliate marketing.

The course structure in Wealthy Affiliate is systematic and detailed, so this will help you in terms of understanding the concept of affiliate marketing.

How can Wealth Affiliate benefit you as an internet marketer?

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I think you should know something about Wealthy Affiliate by now as you have read some reviews before.
How do you benefit from Wealthy Affiliate? Personally, it has benefit me a lot. The training covers many information about affiliate marketing, setting up a website, getting traffic, email marketing, etc. You can get an information overload in there but it will be good if you are willing to learn and the programs will be able to assist you. I don’t think you should have any problems understanding as you can go through the lessons a couple of times. You can reach out to me directly at my Wealthy Affiliate Profile  if you have any question in relation to Wealthy Affiliate or any other programs.

One more thing to add, in Wealthy Affiliate, the community support is good to be honest as you can seek help from members if you are stuck or hit a wall.

About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to create your own business in internet marketing where your business can be your passion and other interests. It sounds like any other programs in the market but it comes with a twist.

For me personally, the owners are really passionate about helping members even if you are a starting out as a free member. There are weekly webinars and daily blogs, all by members and Kyle (one of the co-founders). All these information are free and will definitely help you tremendously in your online business.

When you start off on affiliate marketing, you need to get sales and how do you make sales? You should know that you need to blog, do reviews, email marketing, run campaigns, etc. It is tough and if you are just starting out, you will need a mentor. So, this is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. With all the information and training, you can kick start your own journey in internet marketing.

You can say, you write blogs and do reviews but are you are inviting readers to your website? Heard of SEO? This is big stuff. Not to worry, when you start to go through the courses, you will get the concept on how to built your traffic and rank your blogs in search engine sites. Traffic generation is one of the important aspect in your online business and without traffic, you can’t get sales. This is the truth.

So, as a member, you will learn the know-how on keywords searches, finding good niches, do lead pages, run campaign, etc.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

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100% Risk Free?

As a member, it is free and a 100% risk-free. Why risk free?

Going through the 10 lessons course of Online Entrepreneur Certification and learn the fundamental of internet marketing is no joke. Sometimes, you will get distracted with your busy schedule and log in a week after. So you are likely to get lost and confused continuing the course. So what are you going to do? In Wealthy Affiliate, there are classroom section and you can read question and answer raised by members within the community. This will be helpful as it will get you back where you have started and continue with your course. Even with a free membership, you will get tons of information with the question and answer segment in the classroom section.

You don’t have to pay a dime, just listen and watch some tutorials lessons, learn and that’s it. You can setup your own website and start blogging. You aren’t wasting your time, you will learn and apply. It’s FREE and you can be a member as long as you like. This is 100% risk free for me.

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So, when you feel that you are ready to learn more, you can join WA as a premium member which can take you to another level of internet marketing. This is where you will learn internet marketing in-depth and apply it to your on-line business. So are you ready to take that step? Just take a look at the free membership first.

One setback which I personally don’t recommend is to buy domains from Wealthy Affiliate. You can save some of your money getting your domains from others than Wealthy Affiliate. This is true and I can assure you that.

Training Courses. Is it GOOD?

With the free membership, you will gain to several courses within WA. The courses are relatively easy to understand and there are several video tutorials as a hands on approach to build your online business.

About the Online Entrepreneur Certification level 1 – This course teaches you on how to create a website and optimizing the content in your website. Basically, this is a free introductory course on step-by-step training on building your own webpage and affiliate marketing. It’s free and well, why not take advantage of it.


You will be introduced to classrooms session for different levels of courses and business models. You may choose your courses and level as well as the tools you need for your own online business.

Some of the courses within Wealthy Affiliate includes:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1-10 lesson (Starter Member)
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 3- Level 4 (Premium Member)
  • Question and Answer Periods
  • Organized Classrooms (on specific topics)
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Weekly New Live Video Training + (Q&A session)
  • Video Training & Tutorial Training
  • Task Based Courses
  • Keywords & Competition Research Tool (Very important and useful tools)
  • WordPress Express (3 click website builder) – You save time and money on hosting
  • Low Competition, Cherry Picked Keyword Lists
  • Access to over 1,400 website templates/themes
  • Rapid Writer, for website content and article

There are other courses (up to level 5) which you can go through within Wealthy Affiliate when you are a premium member. There is also an Affiliate Bootcamp which you can opt for (premium member).

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As a premium member, you will receive access to more training and lessons which will elevate your knowledge on internet marketing. You will also received free web hosting for an unlimited amount of website, weekly live webinars with members, posts and read blogs that can be viewed by premium members and unlimited communication abilities within the community.


During the tutorial lessons, you may stumbled upon a road block or may have some difficulties. Not to worry, as mentioned, you can get help by going to ‘Classrooms’ sessions where you can read any of the questions posted by other members within the community. There are relevant topics, video lessons you can find and you can also connect to the community and do your networking.

Community and Networking

Wealthy Affiliate has many community members to interact with.

The advantage about this product is you can learn from more experienced members and get some information or tips from them. It is always better to have a network of internet marketers to share their experience than you alone pursuing your online business.


The community is active and you can pose any questions in relation to internet marketing at any time of the day, 24/7.

If you ever get stuck or faced any difficulties, you can get in touch with Kyle or Carson within the community. They will get back to you in a jiffy, I can assure you that. You can also reach out to me directly and I will assist you for sure.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016

Here’s a short review and update what Wealthy Affiliate have progressed with their membership. Kyle and Carson as will always create a program and doesn’t stop there. They will make sure their training is always up to-date.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016

For the in house website builder Siterubix (WordPress Express), it has gone up to another level. You will be able to monitor your website health check. I have not seen any other hosting company providing this yet.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016

Buying of personal domain is even easier for anyone who decide to join as premium. You can directly buy a domain from WA. The price is just a few dollars higher but it takes away complicated installation of website and hosting technical part which I believe it is for newbies. You can still use WA hosts with a few clicks to host your domain in WA.

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Many of us would like to live on a passive income and dream on retiring early. There are many ways to make a passive income and one of them is through internet marketing. Internet marketing is one of the tools today to fulfill one’s dreams. Many internet programs in the market are overly expensive and can be written as scam. These products will burnt your pockets and the so called internet gurus will laugh themselves to the bank, earning millions of dollars from inexperienced marketers.

In WA, they have created a program suitable for everyday users like you and me. It is a user friendly training program with numerous courses and a community that are willing to help you and your journey in internet marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate  is recommended by many and totally is not a scam. You are not at risk of your money as you can join and learn for free. WA doesn’t give you a runaround, pestering you to join their premium membership. There are no other products in the market that are comparable to WA and you should kick off your online marketing right now with your own passion and time.

So if you decide to try out WA, we will make sure that you are taken care of by supporting you in every way we can to fulfill your journey to internet marketing.

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Anyways, in addition, other than getting 1 on 1 support from me or Cena, we will make sure that we will be in touch with you through our weekly newsletter and resources to ensure that you received the support from us. This is our commitment to you and we hope that you will decide if Wealthy Affiliate is for you to step over to the other brighter side.

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  1. I think this is a good and fair review of Wealthy Affiliate. I am speaking as an insider. I like the title tail ‘ community that cares’ because this is a very accurate description. In the training which I have passed I have been asking questions more than 70 times and I would get help within minutes. You illustrate and describe this ‘Activity’ portal nicely. You rightly write that this platform is suitable for everybody. I started as a complete beginner, but there are many true experts around here. Thank you for the post.

    • Hi Jovo, thanks for your kind words. I working on it with my partner Rizal to find suitable online business courses for beginners to all level. I with Wealthy Affiliate since 2013, they not just providing knowledge and skill for the members to learn how to make money online. They also created a community that cares for one another.

  2. Hi Cena and Rizal,

    Thank you for your great review and all the other review you have already made. This is serious help for all of us out there in order to avoid to join another scam. From you Wealthy Affiliate review I could find out that the community is very helpful and that the training is a step by step system to learn as much as possible in affiliate marketing.

    I would appreciate if you could give us some examples of support you received by the community and if you are satisfied with the training.

    Btw. There is typo in the product name at the very beginning.



    • Hi Don, glad that you like our review on Wealthy Affiliate. The support I have to give just one word to describe Awesome. There is a time I make some mistake and happen to delete my whole website. I’m panic and did not know what to do. I post a question in Wealthy Affiliate, guess what within less than 10 minutes, members from round the country came to assist me. Even the co-owner Carson involve in the help, all I need to do is send in a support ticket to the WA team. My website back to normal.

      What I satisfied most? Before I come to WA, I do not know how to write simple content that can publish on website. I stare at my laptop and my laptop stare at me back. Now as you can see the post within my site. I write without fear. Building website is also another challenge for me but WA make it easy to start a website rolling.

      Thanks for pointing out typo error, I will look into it.


  3. Thank you for explaining this company, Wealthy Affiliate. As a proud member, you said exactly what this company is all about, and how anyone can benefit if they put in the work.
    What inspired me most is fact that you can join for free and see if it is a good fit for you, before you she’ll out your hard earn cash. That tells me a lot about a company. If someone joins today, what do you think is a reasonable time before they can see some profit?


    • Hi Bishop, nice to see you. It just like buying a pair of shoes, you need to put it on to know if it fit in. Wealthy Affiliate doing the same. When I join WA, there is a very important question, how much time I willing to put in to learn and take action. I like to say depend on how much the person willing to put int the effort. Everyone learn at different pace. What I can say is about 6 month to a year will be good range. Thanks for your kind words.


  4. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate I can say that your review is honest and it’s really a community that cares about you. In fact, everyone inside the community cares about each other and that’s why it’s much easier and faster to achieve success online being a member of this awesome community. I think free membership is an excellent option to try the system and see how it works before you decide to upgrade to a paying account. Anyway, I can vouch for the quality and legitimacy of Wealthy Affiliate and recommend it to anyone looking for a legit program.

    • Hi Rufat, thanks for dropping by and give us the kind words of our review on Wealthy Affiliate. I have a great time with fellow WA members like you. Willing to help and share rescources, the quality of training and tools will help anyone who willing to give it a shot.

  5. Hey Cena,

    Great review on the Wealthy Affiliate program.

    Awesome. I like it.

    I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost 2 years now, so I’d know.

    Your review is spot on.

    The training they offer is great.

    The tools and services are greater.

    But the community…they are the reason why I stayed a member this long.

    They’re super helpful. The friendliness is incredible. They’re just the best.

    Wealthy Affiliate is really, a great place to people to get started.

    Great review, Cent.


  6. I love WA, the problem is that they don’t allow subscription from my country Nigeria! What can you do to assist? Or what option do I have ?

    • Hi Aliboye

      There are other internet marketing programs in the market for you to try out. WA is not the only solution for internet marketing but I find the program a great fit for newbies or advance level marketers.

      You can view our reviews for other products in this site such as Tiny Little Business, TLB if you are interested in affiliate marketing. This is a program that can substitute WA in terms of affiliate marketing and I have no doubt that this product can assist you in your internet marketing career. It is proven and I have tested it.


  7. What a great review you have done here. I’m glad that there are good people out there who are promoting a great website to help upcoming and aspiring affiliate marketers. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate I can really say that this is a community that cares. If I ever needed help I would ask in the live chat and within minutes if not seconds I would be helped. Once again, great review and awesome work. Keep it up. Have a good one sir.

  8. I only came across your website now regarding WA which I joined directly into their website a week ago as a premium member. I was wondering if I get stuck, can I still get help from you even though I did not get from you. WA is a fantastic place.

    • Hi Terry, of course. No worry at all. Me and Rizal are happy to help out. Let learn and grow together.

    • Hi Marian, so sorry for the late reply. I overlook it. If you want to upgrade Wealthy Affiliate as premium members, you need to have a credit card. Thanks

  9. Never used WA as I started in client SEO before even attempting affiliate. By that time, I felt like I didn’t need the help of an “all inclusive” platform but I guess its a good start for someone on a low budget.

  10. WOW!

    From your review, it shows Wealthy Affiliate is a community that certainly cares about one another’s success. 🙂

    Wealthy Affiliate really does offer tremendous value, and to get this kind of support, training and tools elsewhere would cost an arm and a leg. In fact, I’ve never seen any program offering as much as WA because from what I’ve witnessed online, there are a lot of poor quality and over priced affiliate training programs.

    If it means having access to so many fantastic resources and never being stuck with building an online business again, I’m definitely becoming a member of WA.


  11. WA is the best way to earn recurring commissions from home, I know, because I dropped out of college at 19 to become an online entrepreneur after my business started making over 6 figures a year. I host earnrecurringrevenuefromhome .com on WA, I can say that the training is priceless on WA to build a sucessfull affiliate business. Success with affiliate marketing takes time, and people must realize that success isn’t created overnight. WA makes it easier than ever to create a free online business that earns recurring commissions from home on autopilot. Very helpful broken up content written in a way in which everyone can understand. Great review. Cheers!

  12. I like the sound of this but I’m in two minds due to the up in price after the initial free membership. Do you feel that a newbie could maybe get enough info from the starter courses to build a successful business? Or do you think the upgrade is a necessary step in the right direction to success?

    • Hi Chris, for starter membership is a test run for you if it suit you. Within 7 days you can decide should you upgrade. Hope it help.

  13. May I know the age requirement to sign up?
    I’m turning 17. Not sure if I’m able to do it.
    Currently my family are having financial problems and I’d like to help my family.

  14. Hi, I found your website through your Market America article and I read your WA article above as well. Just wondering can make any money from WA without subscribing to the premium membership? or at least use the free account for a few months to work on things before subscribing to the premium account, when i am closer to or actually making some small sum? thanks.

    • HI Melvin, thanks for signing up WA free account. As for free account you get to access for 7 days free but I don’t think you able to make money within a short time frame. Making money online need to invest in time and effort. Hope I answer you question.

  15. Hi Cena,
    I like what I see about Wealthy Affiliate on your review. I would like to build a website but I do not want to pay for the membership and a domain. If I sign up for free, can I start with a free website and earn some money before upgrading?

    • Hi Ilias, thanks for dropping by. To be honest with you, free membership have it limit of knowlegde. It is for you to test drive if this program suitable for you. As for free website you can use it for pratice learning to build website. I do see people using free WordPress website and earning some money but it do take times. Hope my explation give you a clearer picture. 

  16. Hello Cena, I agree with the article you have produced here. I have come to find that there is someone always there for me whenever I am struggling with affiliate marketing related subjects at wealthy affiliate. I am never stuck for long as there is always someone who is willing to give me a hand and show me how to get unstuck.

  17. The old “yes but” line ….what if you are not at the age when you were born with a frigg’n computer in your wee little hands? What if, you are kicking in the door at 70 and just lost a job and live in a small town where it’s either computer jobs for youth trained since grade school or caring for chickens or a factory and would like to work at home but…refer to the “but” line. The fact of the matter
    is I am a handmade tile maker and would rather do that than anything but….
    What do you say to that?

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