Is Carousell a Scam?

Is Carousell a Scam? – A Very Good App For Selling Used Stuff

Mobile App becomes a daily need for most of us. Whatever you think of, there an app that fit in it. The youngster has at least 3 to 4 games apps to keep them busy. For me, my favorite app is the bus arrival app. It’s easy to track the bus arrival time.

Is Carousell a Scam?


Today we are talking about a popular app that most of the people use for selling their used stuff. Is Carousell a scam?

Carousell App Review

It is a very useful app that I like very much. It is a straight forward app for buyer and seller. For buyer, you can search for the stuff you want through your smart phone. It has well organized category where you can look what you want easily.

As for the seller, it’s an easy selling platform. You take the photo of the item you are going to sell. Upload it on the app. List your description, price and meeting location.


• Free
• Easy to download to smart phone
• Good way to get cheaper price for the item you need (Buyer)
• Good way to sell used item for cash (Seller)
• Chat function
• Able to link your listing to Facebook and Twitter


• Some buyer tries to negotiate for very low price
• Buyer never turns up
• Seller receives payment, but never deliver the item
• Seller needs to travel to close the deal

As you can see it is very easy to get started with Carousell. Just download it to your phone and you are ready to buy or sell. But there are some real issue that happen, which is unpleasant for both buyer and seller.

There are complaints about seller didn’t deliver the item after collect payment through bank transfer. Or deal have confirmed and meeting point have arranged but the buyer didn’t turn up.

These actually can be minimized. Look at the buyer or seller profile and their reviews. There are recommend buyer and seller. At least there are some precautions you are making deals with the right person.

Is Carousell a Scam?

I like to suggest to Carousell to start using the PayPal method for sellers. When a buyer pay through by PayPal, Carousell can take a little cut. This way it can help to track down real transactions really make.


Is Carousell a scam? Not at all, this app has helped a lot of people to get what they want from people who are willing to sell. Some of the items are still usable, throwing away is really a waste.

Carousell used to be only functional with Mobile App. Now they move back a step. They now have a website for easier access for the seller. I prefer to list my item for sale on a website than on my mobile. I can comfortably type in the description of my item I want to sell.

Is Carousell a Scam?

You can make use of Carousell as your online shop. My friend has sold over 100 T-shirt (image above) by using Carousell. Bring products in bulk and start selling to make some extra income.

Is Carousell the best selling mobile app? Feel to drop your comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Is Carousell a Scam? – A Very Good App For Selling Used Stuff”

  1. Type in scammer into the carousell search engine and see how many con artists are coming up. New ones are added daily!
    Just because they have positive feedback doesn’t mean sh*t. Con artists can create fake feedback…now they’re even creating fake bank receipts.
    Carousell is great but they need to up ante in the security department. Way too many dodgy ppl and it’s too easy for them to take your money and run

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