Is Fortune Builders A Scam? – It Depends On Who Is The Builder

PRODUCT NAME: Fortune Builders

OWNER NAME: Than Merrill, Paul Esajian, and JD Esajian


RATING:  7/10

Real estate offers a rewarding opportunity for building an income. But there are some who did not learn enough about the industry and fail to become successful. That is why getting educated about the real estate market is crucial for anyone who wants to make it a profitable endeavor. There are many training tools and educational materials that you can find about real estate, some are free while others for a fee. Fortune Builders is one of the paid real estate education companies that people are talking about. Some think it might be a good investment to subscribe for while other are wondering is Fortune Builders a scam? In order to help you sort out your insights about the company here is what we think.

Is Fortune Builders a scam?

Fortune Builder is founded by different real estate investors that operate an online education website that concerns about real estate investing. True enough, real estate investment involves some risks and the Fortune Builders provide educational materials, coaching and tools to train you to become a more educated real estate investor and build your knowledge about the real estate market. The company provides training courses of different levels so it is useful for anyone who is into real estate investing regardless of your skills and educational level since there is one course that will be right for you. The main idea about the course is to buy homes at a cheaper price and find the best and faster way of fixing them up with a solid return of investment for you.

True enough the real estate investing market is full of risk but comes with a wealthy opportunity of building your income when you do it right. This is where Fortune Builders come in. You will find different educational support to build your knowledge in real estate investing. Considering the market combines the need for knowledge about property law, contracting, risk management and business management it is critical to learn efficiently about the industry. Fortune Builders have curriculum covering a wide range of topics about real estate.

What to expect from Fortune Builders

Being an educational company you will find training tools with varieties of learning resources that will teach you what to look for when buying an investment property, how to undertake a remodeling project with a good investment value and the best way of marketing your property as among many others. There are also one on one coaching available and boot camp seminars together with one of the owners of the company and some of the faculty members. There are also webinars available every week on varied topics that are relevant to real estate investing. Ebooks are also available with online classes that you can attend to. Other available services are the DVD series of training materials on various topics. In depth trainings are also available with some of the seasoned real estate investors in the industry today.

Among the topics that are included in the coverage of the educational materials, training tools and courses in Fortune Builders are construction management, marketing, real estate appraisal, escrow, financing, property management, disposition of property, people management and business management.

The Fortune Builder has a funnel consisting of seminars, weekend events and Masters courses. During the seminars there will be a short introduction about the company and they will encourage participants to invest on the mastery courses of the company. The seminar costs roughly around $200. You should expect to get a college level education from the company. The Mastery course is in fact the company’s core business model. It comes with some series of software and workflows that make investing in real estate smooth sailing and convenient. Students can be hands on to the Fortune Builder’s software that is described to work like a flight simulation.


One of the best things about Fortune Builders is the versatility of its training courses. You can find them available in books, one on one coaching, boot camps, seminars, webinars and online classes. You will find different level of trainings based on your level of real estate investing background.


Fortune Builders is a company that offers expensive training materials and educational tools and resources. While there are many interested of joining their program, the costs are enough to stop them on track.  The DVD training for instance will cost you around $1,197 each while the coaching programs will ask you to make expensive investment worth thousands of dollars.


Is Fortune Builders a scam? It will actually depend on the builder. The company has a lot to offer about real estate investing however you also need to a lot of money to use their educational sources and to start on your investment. Fortune Builder is only for those who are serious about making money from real estate and is willing to gamble significant money for it.


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