Elementor Review

Elementor Review – The Best WordPress Page Builder

Elementor Review



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Building your own website can be very challenging but it is critical for every business. With the stringent competition among businesses today, going global becomes a necessity and there is no better way of making your business accessible to the world other than building your own website. WordPress has become the premier website building platform that many businesses use today.

In search for a WordPress page builder you must have come across Elementor which becomes quite popular today. In fact it is leaving impressive feedback from many WordPress users. This makes this Elementor review very significant in helping you sort out the best features you can probably find from a WordPress page builder.


Elementor Review


Elementor is a WordPress page builder that provides significant features that make page building very convenient, easy and loaded with editing tools that will dispense the coding technicalities involved when building a web page. It comes with a drag and drop feature which makes building and designing your web page come with a breeze.

Creating impressive layouts is possible without the need of HTML, PHP or CSS knowledge for website building. What set apart Elementor from other WordPress page builders is its unique feature that you cannot find from other products or when available comes at a higher cost.

Elementor is created with the objective of creating a WordPress plugin tool for page building that is loaded with unique features at a reasonable price. The plugin is available at $49 for a personal account, $99 for business account and $199 for unlimited account. These are for the Elementor Pro which comes with more features that are not accessible in its free plugin.


Special Elementor features


Elementor has unique features that you cannot find from an average WordPress page builder. Here are some of the good stuffs about this tool:


  1. Elements feature


The tool has a form element that can be visually viewed seamlessly and you can hook the form with Zapier webhooks that will allow you to automate the features of the form. This automation feature will give way for automatic scheduling for meetings and automatic creation of email opt in. Its grid elements will give you more room for customization for your post, portfolio and WooCommerce products.

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It is also featured with a Flip Box that allows the content box to flip each time a viewer hovers over it. You can also save time editing web page designs using its global elements feature where you can instantly push the edited version of your design elements to be applied to other pages.


  1. Element positioning feature


If you are available to spend more time to tweak on your web page design, detailed positioning feature comes very useful. You can play more on details of your elements giving you more control on where and how you want them to appear on your page. There are custom classes that you can add and you can also tweak on the responsive settings of your web page.


  1. Elementor templates


Elementor comes with pre-built templates which is very helpful especially when you are not a web designer. You have more choices when searching for the right theme for your business. The pre-designed templates are good qualities and look professional.


The templates of Elementor also go beyond expectations as they are created with a shortcode the moment you build one and save your design. You can easily use this code to integrate it anywhere on your site and it comes with a widget that allows its insertion to saved templates with widgets.


  1. Content save feature

Unlike other WordPress plugins where you lose your content once you deactivate them with resulting jumbled shortcodes, Elementor will preserve your content by leaving them on basic HTML. Hence, your content is not ruined but still remain intact.

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Because of Elementor’s drag and drop feature it provides convenience among novice in page building as it does not require coding. It also comes with very simple interface but with many advanced features that make it a great page builder for WordPress. While it is simple to use, it is very intuitive with more advanced features as compared to other WordPress page builder. It also has a real time preview that lets you see the actual outcome of your website design.




The tool lacks inline text editing. As compared to other web page builders, you cannot edit the text directly from the actual visual interface. Instead it has a separate editing box which can sometimes become a huge issue to its user.


Conclusion – Is Elementor Pro Worth It?

Elementor is no doubt one of the best WordPress page builders. It comes with great features that give you an opportunity for better editing options, detail control, smooth interface, easy to use settings and unique elements. It is very user friendly and even comes with a free version.

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