is cambly a scam

Is Cambly A Scam? – Get Paid To Chat With People

is cambly a scam


OWNER NAME: Cambly, Inc.


RATING:  7/10


Getting paid while chatting with someone looks like a simple way to earn some money. This is what Cambly offers to people who are looking to earn extra income by way of talking to people online. Getting a work from home language tutoring opportunity will always be a good source of income and tutoring for Cambly may be something you may want to consider. But before you become skeptical by asking is Cambly a scam? you may find this Cambly review worth reading to get a better perspective about this money making opportunity online.


Cambly Review


Cambly offers a platform where people spend time talking online with other people who are fluent of speaking a particular language that you want to learn. The platform provides an informal setting where you can find language tutors. It is founded by two former Google employees who undertake to provide this kind of language tutorial service by connecting students to people who can speak different languages. The creators of Cambly believe that one effective way of learning a particular language is spending time chatting with people who fluently speak the language, and that is how language tutorial goes with Cambly.


What is Cambly?


Cambly offers a platform in an informal setting where you can find language tutors online. It offers an income opportunity for people who want to help others learn their own language. Signing up for Cambly is simple. You only need to provide basic information from the Become a Tutor Page of the site and you will be taken to a screen after where you will record a sample video for Cambly’s review. Your video should reveal your personality, experience and interests. Don’t worry if you are not satisfied with your first video as you can record as many videos as you want before submitting it to Cambly.


It does not require experience but you need to have a webcam and a reliable internet connection to allow you to facilitate a chat session with your student. You will have a flexible schedule since you will work only when you want to by logging in to your Cambly dashboard. Once you are log in you will have an option to accept a chat session with a student or not. How much you earn will depend on the length of time you spend online. Some students will chat longer while some shorter. You can also opt to sign up for a priority hour for one hour where you will be directed immediately to take calls from priority students.


The pay as a Cambly tutor is 0.17 cents per minute so you can potentially earn about $10.20 for an hour. Payment is guaranteed for chats that last for 5 minutes once you sign up for the priority hours even if you were not able to get calls for full two hours. You need to have a Paypal account which is the platform used for payments by Cambly.




Cambly offers you an income opportunity especially when you like socializing and talking to people. It provides a good online environment to be sociable and at the same time allows you to earn for your time in doing so. Cambly appears to be getting good ratings and feedbacks from its users.


is cambly a scam




Cambly does not guarantee a regular income source. It should only be taken as a sideline for earning some extra bucks but it is not a reliable source of income. There is no guarantee that each time you log in you will be taking calls from students. Some calls from students are sometimes brief and if it is less than 5 minutes you might not be able to get payment for your time unless you signed up for the priority hour. Cambly also imposes a minimum of $20 earnings before you can withdraw the amount you earned from your account.


Who is Cambly For?


Cambly is for people who like to earn extra money but do not rely from it as a reliable source of income. Cambly is perfect for people who want to earn from their passion of socializing and talking to people.


Cambly Tools, Training and Support


Cambly does not provide trainings and tools. In fact, you do not need to be experienced to chat with students in Cambly. It does have a dashboard that provides a casual environment for chatting with easy to use interface.


My Final Opinion of Cambly


If you ask is Cambly a scam? the obvious answer is it is not. Cambly offers a legitimate income opportunity to people who want to work online as a language tutor simply by chatting with its students. Cambly offers flexible time to work but it does not guarantee a stable income source.


2 thoughts on “Is Cambly A Scam? – Get Paid To Chat With People”

  1. I was oddly rejected from Cambly for some reason. I am a native English speaker from North America, with some experience in English language camps but not actual classroom teaching experience. I thought my video was quite good as I had demonstrated that since living abroad, I had learned a second language and that I can really resonate with people who are trying to learn English, how shy they might be, and how building their confidence is a key for success etc. Maybe I will try again in the new year.

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