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PRODUCT NAME: Covert Store Builder

OWNER NAME: IM Wealth Builder (Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye)


RATING:  2/10

Considering that eCommerce and online retail are blooming industries in the business world today owning a website becomes a must in order to boost your income opportunities. As more people choose to shop online the market base for online selling grows and provides massive opportunities to earn.

The Covert Store Builder is a WordPress theme self optimizing site builder as claimed by its owners calling themselves as the IM Wealth Builder. They offer the chance of building your own affiliate store within a matter of minutes at a cost. You need to purchase their online store builder software so you can jumpstart earning online. You must have wondered is Covert Store Builder a scam? Let’s take a look at what the product is all about.

Is Covert Store Builder A Scam?

The store builder software was apparently created by the IM Wealth Builders representing Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye. They claim not to have been impressed with the Amazon Affiliate Themes in 2013 so they started creating their own with the vision of having one of the largest eCommerce sites. So here comes the Covert Store Builder which they claim as self optimizing, intelligent WordPress site builder.

The target consumer of the product includes those who are into affiliate marketing and want to have their own affiliate store. The product comes at a cost of $47 which comes with different WordPress themes that you can use to build a site of any niche, even multiple ones. The theme allows you to create your own affiliate store that lets you market different products from eBay, Commission Junction and Amazon. The product gives you access to build your own website and you all you need are hosting services and a domain name for your affiliate site.

The site builder software claims to give you a lot of WordPress theme options that are highly customizable. What sets the Covert Store Builder different from the ordinary WordPress theme is that it allows you to set up affiliate products fast. In fact the creators of the software claim that you can even add affiliate products without the need to write a single content about it. Clearly, this is what makes the software more interesting and desirable among affiliate marketers. But these are merely hype sales to make the product appear to be useful and enticing. But here’s the problem.

The Caveat

The creators of Covert Store Builder makes their WordPress site builder look easy to use and self optimizing so that the user will no longer have to exert the effort of marketing their products and building their own affiliate website. While there is not much of an issue when it comes to building your own online store from the start, the problem comes later. It involves the traffic you get from your site. Considering that you will be in a highly competitive market it is crucial that you get traffic to your site.

The problem with the Covert Store Builder is while the software is self optimizing you will realize that the traffic it builds to your affiliate site is not organic. For those who are newbie in this field you may not realize this loophole on the system. In order to build a good traffic to your site you need natural links and not merely through bots which increase the risk of having your site banned from the search engine.

In order to build an organic traffic you need to write quality content to boost your visibility to the search engine. And this is contrary to the promise of Covert Store Builder that you can get traffic from your site without the need of content. Yes you will get traffic through its self optimizing system that uses bots which can result in spamming and not quality traffic along the process.

Moreover, the traffic you can get from the software will come from social media. There is nothing else stated from the site where you can possibly get traffic to your affiliate site using their software. If this is the case you will need to work out on getting more followers from the social media, otherwise you will not have other means of obtaining traffic from other sources when using the Covert Store Builder software. You not get any training as well on how to get traffic since it already has a self optimizing feature.


Is Covert Store Builder a scam? I am compelled to say it could be since the product appears to be short of making its promises credible. While it markets the self optimizing feature of the software the result may not be reliable in providing the subscribers quality traffic and outcomes.


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