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If you are an online marketer and want to increase your business performance online, you certainly need to boost your marketing strategies. Uploading videos is a must for internet marketers these days considering the demand of social media marketing. Video marketing is a robust tool that helps online business flourish within a competitive market. One of the video marketing tools that are marketed is the Easy Video Suite. This Easy Video Suite review will help you understand the product and its relevance to your business.

Easy Video Suite Review

Easy Video Suite is a program designed for video marketing. It provides powerful features of recording, publishing and marketing your videos and track down its performance in optimizing your business market. The software comes with robust features designed for the convenience in online marketing. You can easily create and upload a video directly to your site. The video can be instantly recorded from your own computer screen or computer camera. The application is easy to use since you can easily upload your video anywhere. The application also provides a URL for the video you created with a uniquely embedded code that you can use when uploading the video directly to your site. In order to enjoy the features of the Easy Video Suite you need to pay $197 from its original price of $297 for the software and $97 for a commercial license. Overall the product is priced at $294.

Easy Video Suite Features

Using video marketing is a powerful strategy in gaining access to potential customers for your business. The Easy Video Suites is designed to deliver a video software that allows you to exercise customization through its integrated features. You can customize the video to come with an email opt form to encourage potential customers to try your products or services. You can freely add your specific call to action and it is very easy to integrate the incentives you want to give to your customers who viewed the video. Creating an email list is very important in the field of internet marketing. Using the Easy Video Suite provides you a hassle free way of creating one.

The program also allows you to create a landing page. This is a feature lacking from other video marketing products. The software works well in all types of devices and is compatible with WordPress. Using the landing page is helpful in introducing to your audience the products and services you want to offer them. You need a landing page when your video includes opt in or call to action and having this feature in your videos is a good feature to consider.


One of the best features of the Easy Video Suite is the very simple way of creating a video which requires less technical knowledge. This means that even newbie marketers can use the software. The seamless integrated features of the software also add up to the quality use of the application. It comes with add on buttons and other functionality that you can choose to activate when creating a video.


Easy Video Suites claims that its application can give the users the opportunity to build their sales and traffic. While this is partly true it is worth noting that using the video alone is not enough to attain this goal. Traffic and sales usually grow when you know how to market your videos in different online channels like YouTube. Simply creating a video is not enough to bring traffic to your site. You need to learn internet video marketing strategies that will help you bring traffic and sales to your site. This means after creating the videos you need to market it to generate traffic. The software alone will not automatically boost your traffic and sales in an instant. Perhaps what the program can do is helping you create a video to jump start your online marketing strategies.


The Easy Video Suite is a good video marketing tool for those looking for a seamless way of video creation with integrated features for optimized business marketing. It is very useful to jump start your video marketing activities and with its simple to use features and buttons you will find a hassle free ways of creating videos. The optimized features designed to market your products and services in your videos are good reasons to find this application useful to your business. This Easy Video Suite review gives you an overview on what to expect from your subscription to the program and many recommend this software for video marketing purposes.

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