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copy my websitesCopy My Websites is another scam circulating online. A lot of people may think that this program is a great way for them to make money online because of the amazing opportunity it promises. There are plenty of money making programs out there that promise they’re going to turn your live around using their system and by doing absolutely nothing. Copy My Websites is one of those systems who is out to get your hard earned money.

The Copy My Websites App has trended ever since its release on the internet. Numerous people who are looking for a way to make money online has signed up to this system and got disappointed later on as a result of it not generating the profit they promise their customers.



 Copy My Websites is a system created by a man who goes by the name Jake. This system promises to make you a whopping $1000 per day by simply copying his website. Jake claims that he and his website is successful, and that anyone who copies his website will be as successful as him.

The system does not provide any other information or techniques on how you can make money out of it. In fact, all the information found on the website about the so-called system is pretty useless. There are no other explanations whatsoever on how you’re going to make money aside from the fact that by copying his website you’re going to be successful.




Copy My Websites
Fake Claims


First and foremost, the video claims that by simply copying the website you will earn $1000 per day with their system. But as previously mentioned, the creators of this program did not go any deeper than that. If you have any knowledge on online marketing, you will be aware that copying a website’s content is the last thing you want to do if you want your website to get higher rankings on search engines.

The people behind Copy My Websites have no intention to make you money. The only reason they built this system is for their own interest. They are the only ones who will get rich by getting your money and the money of other hundreds of people who will sign up for this. If you will go through the website you will see that it contains information that says the average individual does not make profit using the system. Aside from this, Copy My Websites is actually just a revised version of The Easy Internet Plan. If you will Google the Easy Internet Plan, you will discover that it received a lot of complaints from individuals who fell for its golden promises.



Copy My Websites
Fake Counter

Once you open the website of Copy My Websites, you will see a fake counter that says you have a few minutes to gain access to the system. But actually, once the time runs out, nothing is going to happen. You can visit the website over and over again and you would still see the exact same number on the timer. The people behind this scam are simply putting a pressure on you so that you would make a rush decision and purchase the system. They want to make it seem like you are going to miss out on a great opportunity. This is actually a trick that a lot of online scams use to entice people to purchase their product.



Copy My Websites

The information provided about the system is very limited. The people behind this are simply going to set you up with a very basic website that will promote Clickbank’s digital product. This website is something that no one will ever land on with a product that no one will be interested in purchasing.

In reality, setting up a basic website will cost you nothing as well as singing up to Clickbank wherein you can promote any product from their list. You can actually do this with other online retailers like Amazon, wherein you don’t need to spend a single dime unlike with Copy My Websites.



 Copy My Websites claims that if you are not satisfied with their system, you can refund your money. However, there are numerous complaints from customers who say that the customer support team simply ignored their requests of refund.

Copy My Websites is being sold under a ClickBetter marketplace which offers a 60-day refund just because they are complying with the law of several states that requires this. If you’ve fallen for this scam and you want your money back, it is best that you contact ClickBetter support directly.



 There is no doubt that Copy My Websites is a downright scam. It does not provide any acceptable strategies or information on how people can make money out of their system. It is also one of the worst online frauds there is. It is highly recommended to avoid Copy My Websites and to be aware of other money making schemes like these that will just get your hard earned money.

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