Is Wealthy Web Writer a Scam

Is Wealthy Web Writer a Scam?- Pay Before You Earn

Is Wealthy Web Writer a Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Wealthy Web Writer


RATING:  8/10 


If you are a writer you will find vast opportunities of making a career and earn money from home through online writing jobs. There are many companies looking for talented writers that can deliver high quality content and writing services for their business. I came across Wealth Web Writer which is an online portal that aims to help writers enhance and maximize their earnings through various writing gigs. It is worth checking out to know if it worth your time and investment and to answer your questions is Wealth Web Writer a scam?


Wealthy Web Writer Review


Wealthy Web Writer is an online portal for writers who want to discover the best way of enhancing their writing skills and earning potentials as a writer. It is a membership site that give you access to vast resources about making a living as a writer. You need to become a premium member in order to access its job site where various openings for a writer position are available for you to apply for. You have to pay a monthly subscription of $49. Is Wealth Web Writer worth your investment? I discovered that it is.


What is Wealthy Web Writer?


Freelance writers have great potentials of earning an extra income or earn for a living through their writing skills. Wealth Web Writer is designed to help writers of various writing skill levels maximize their opportunity to earn money b providing various resources and training materials in order to make more money. In fact there seems to be overwhelming information available for its members. They also publish various contents for various industries and niches. It will also teach you different ways how to build your own web writing business and to give you opportunities of finding jobs as an online writer.


Vast topics for a successful web writing career


Wealth Web Writer does offer quality articles that are enlightening and helpful in building a successful web writing career. The resource information available on the site is actually overwhelming but truly helpful. They have quite a number of expert writers providing assistance on how to write successfully for better traffic, more audience, and gaining more traction from social media. You will find different strategies of planning your roadmap to success as a writer. Since the site offers a community for writers you get to build your network with expert writers and get professional help as you embark towards your writing career.


Membership benefits


While Wealth Web Writer offers free helpful resource information one needs to subscribe for the Premium membership in order to have full access to everything that the site can offer. Registering at the site is actually free but gives you limited access to its full features and services. Tutorials, training materials, events and seminar and job offers are available for Premium members only.


Is Wealthy Web Writer a Scam


Job access


Perhaps one of the major interests of everyone is how they can make money from Wealth Web Writers. The site does not actually disclose how much you can potentially earn from each job available on its site, but its sales page does advertise that some of their writers are already earning quite decently from $500, $700 to $10,000 per project. From content creation you can find different writing jobs opportunities such as search engine optimization, creation of landing pages for pay per click development, web sales copy writing, PPC marketing, ecommerce and social media marketing jobs


Writing for Wealth Web Writer


You can also submit your own pitch to Wealth Web Writer. They accept infographics, how to videos, articles and slide shows among many others. They publish their submission guidelines and all you have to do is choose your own pitch and convince Wealth Web Writer that it is worth publishing and they will pay you for it. Unfortunately it does not disclose how much you will get paid but chances are you will not be paid cheap considering all articles published on their site are high quality content and written by professional writers. You can certainly use its platform to drive quality traffic and links to your site.




Registration is free but with limited access to all the features available at Wealth Web Writer site. Its free contents are quite helpful just the same and valuable information is available to help you start your web writing career.




In order to maximize the benefits of using the site as a member you need to sign up for a monthly subscription of $49 which is not cheap. But the investment seems to be worth it. You need to pay first to Wealthy Web Writer in order to start earning from its site or through it job posts.


My Final Opinion of Wealthy Web Writer


Is Wealthy Web Writer a scam? Definitely it is not. It is one of the quality sites that web writers should visit to maximize their potential of earning more money from taking online writing jobs and in building their online writing career or business.


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