Is Postloop A Scam

Is Postloop A Scam?- Make Money By Posting




Is Postloop A Scam


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Do you have writing skills and want to earn from it? There are many site owners that need quality writers to post content on their blog sites or forums but sometimes it will be hard to directly get hired by them. That is why you need to find a platform that will help connect you to them and get paid for content just like Postloop. This is an online site that serves as a middle man for writers and website owners looking for content for their business. While joining is free, you might be wondering is Postloop a scam? Read below to understand what Postloop has to offer and if it is actually worth your time.


Postloop Review


Postloop is a marketplace where you can find freelance writers who can write quality posts for websites. Content marketing is highly prevalent and profitable and many website owners need quality content for their blogs or forums. If you are a writer looking for some ways to earn cash, you can sign up as a member for Postloop so you can get an exposure to various business owners looking for content on their website. In this review, you will learn how Postloop works and the potential earnings you can make. Is Postloop worth your time for writing content? Let’s find out.


What is Postloop?


Postloop is a content marketplace where content creators and website owners looking for content meet. Many business people need user participation on their forums, websites or blog in order to build their site visitors. They usually come to Postloop in order to find quality writers to do this job for them. Site owners can request from Postloop marketplace content or article of any kind and writers can apply to write them. Once the site owner approves the content, the writer gets paid.


Joining Postloop is free. Once registered the writer has to submit 10 trial posts which will be the basis of their acceptance as freelance writer of Postloop. The trial will consists of choosing 10 threads that interest one the most and leave comments on each. Postloop moderators will then assess the quality of your writings and decide whether you will be admitted as a writer or not. Once you pass the standards of Postloop you will then be given access to subscribe on any website on its portal and start writing content for them.


In order to start writing and get paid for your services, you need to subscribe to a particular website that interests you and you can start posting. But first you need to create an account on each website and confirm your email so that you can start posting and get paid for your work. Make sure to follow the instructions accurately as provided by each website otherwise you will have the risk of getting banned and not paid by simply not following instructions.


Is Postloop A Scam


How to maintain good rating in Postloop


In order to retain your access as a writer of Postloop you need to maintain your rating. Content moderators of Postloop rate their writers from 0-5. You need to have a passing rating of at least 3 points to continue enjoying more websites or forums to subscribe for your writing services. Higher ratings will earn you more points, too. Quality of content is usually based according to grammar, spelling, length and content value as among others.


Postloop Point System


Postloop allows writers to post content or comments on other writer’s forum and they earn points along the process. The Postloop Point System is significant in two ways: First, the forums are ranked by points so the writer with the highest points will have his forum ranked first. Second, writers who contribute to your site with high points will likewise earn high points thus your forum site will likely have more subscribers.


Earnings from Postloop


Once downside about using Postloop is the payout, which is very low. You can earn only as much as $0.07 for every post and you can spend long hours of work to write content in order to earn decently. Postloop does not disclose the length of the content for such rate, though. Earning is paid through Paypal and you can withdraw it once you reach a minimum of $5 income. You can also earn from Postloop through its referral program which entitles you to a 20% share from their earnings.


My Final Opinion of Postloop


Is Postloop a scam? Definitely it is not. It offers a legitimate platform to earn an income through content writing. But the downside is it is unlikely that you will earn decently from using its platform. The pay is too low and there are other content writing gigs that will allow you to earn more for the same amount of time and effort that you give for writing content for Postloop.


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