Is Textbroker A Scam

Is Textbroker A Scam? – Worth Your Time?

Is Textbroker A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Textbroker

OWNER: Jan Becker-Fochler


RATING:  6/10


Are you looking for a job as a freelance content writer? As you can see there are a lot of opportunities available online. But unfortunately you may have come across some scam sites that will only drain you out of your efforts and take advantage of your skills and end up not getting paid at all or get paid for a meager earning for your work. That is why freelance writers need to be smart when choosing the company to work for content. If you are an online freelance writer it is possible that you will come across Textbroker when looking for an online job and you are likely to ask first is Textbroker a scam? To help you understand what the company can offer you and whether it is worth your time, read this Textbroker review.


Textbroker Review


Just as any company that offers unique content for its clients Textbroker hires freelancers and pays them for their article. All you need is to register as its member and submit a sample of your article. Texbroker will then review and rate your content and if you pass you will receive access to all jobs available from its platform. The payment for your content will depend upon the quality of your work and the difficulty of the topics to write.


What is Textbroker?


Textbroker is a platform that offers to pay content from freelance writers. Registration is required and your rating will define what Orders you will be qualified to work for. There are three ways to earn from Textbroker as a writer. You can access its Open Orders where you can choose which project you can work for based on your quality rating and you get paid per word of your content. You can also work for Direct Orders where you can closely work for a particular client who will offer you their jobs based on your writer profile. You set your own price and can negotiate directly with the client. By Team Orders you can also earn while working with others and the price for the work is set by the client per word.


When registering with Textbroker you need to provide information like your Paypal account, an address and telephone number. You will also be required to add your expertise which is important in helping clients find your writer profile when they are looking for a specific qualification from a writer. The pay will differ and highly depends on your rating. A writer with 2 stars get paid 1.3 cents per word, those with 3 stars at 1.8 cents per word, 4 stars at 2.4 cents per word and 5 stars writers are paid for 7.2 cents per word. Payment is made through Paypal. Upon registering you need to wait at least 5 days to have your 250 words sample article reviewed and approved by Textbroker editors.


Is Textbroker A Scam




Joining Textbroker is free. You also have options by taking jobs from Open Orders, Direct Orders and Team Orders. There are different categories for a content topic that are available for you to write and the jobs available are enough to get some orders to earn from. The site is a good for new writers who are looking for some writing experience without demand for a higher pay.




The job is open for US citizens only. It does provide limited job access to freelance writers worldwide. The registration process is also daunting as you will go through a meticulous process of submitting to Textbroker a government issued ID with a selfie photo holding the ID and other personal information which is usually provided for a full time employment. The rating you get will also be subjective and you will have no control on how the editors of Textbroker will rate your content. There are also limited orders available for four to five star writers despite highlighting in its sales page that these orders are in demand. There are also quite some complaints from writers of Textbroker with issues involving on payment rate being too low, the way writers are being rated for their content, research demands from clients and the need of rewrites. In order to get a payout writers need to provide Textbroker W-9 and has to have at least $10 earnings to request a payout.


My Final Opinion of Textbroker


So is Textbroker a scam? I can say outright it is not because it is a legitimate online source in getting jobs for content writing. However, the site is probably good for new content writers only because of the low pay but offers enough orders to work on. For professional writers, the pay is not good enough and may not be worth the time they spend in writing. I recommend the site for those who are not too particular about the pay because this is not the kind of gig that can give you a decent income as an expert content writer.



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