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Is A Scam? Let’s Find Out


Is A Scam




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If you are a good writer you might as well make use of your skills by writing content for websites and get paid for your articles. There are a lot of websites that offer good pay for writers to provide informative content and with interesting stories to share. One such website is Today I Found Out. Its site features different headlines and stories and you can get paid for submitting your original writings. But some may be critical about the site and will likely wonder is Today I Found Out a scam? Here’s what we find out. Review


Today I Found Out (with website is an online site that publishes articles about historical occurrences, events, factual happenings and many other contents based on research, interesting ideas and something new and quick facts. In order to be featured one need to submit through email the proposed article which could be a pitch on what you think would be suited for Today I Found Out or an article that one has originally written. It is worth noting that Today I Found Out does not accept guest posts but prefer to pay for original and interesting articles to be published on their site.


What is Today I Found Out?


The site accepts submissions made by writers with unique, original and interesting articles to write. It specifically provides that it does not accept guest articles but they prefer paying writers for quality articles. Article categories are many like entertainments, news, history, answers, language, people, science, myths and many others. If you have articles to write that are factual with accurate information, originally written and not plagiarize you have the best potential to get accepted as its paid contributor on its site.


When submitting articles you need to provide them the potential title with an estimate how long the article will be.  It is best to send links about the articles you already authored on other sites for easy reference. There are different other things that you can contribute for Today I Found Out such as infographics, quick facts, podcasts and videos. If you read the published articles on the site you will notice that they are well written which means Today I Found Out must be screening the articles submitted to them very well. It is also possible that the writers are paid well for their work considering that they are probably professional writers or with high standards of writing skills. Unfortunately, your guess is as good as mine since there is no information available from the site on the pay rate for every article submitted.


Is A Scam




Today I Found Out is a professional blog site with good writers paid to share their content. The writers are assumed to be professionals or at least beyond being newbie writers. There are also different categories to choose from so you can always explore different topics to write.





There is no way of knowing how much you will get paid for your article when you visit the site of Today I Found Out. It does not disclose the potential pay for an article and how many words will be considered enough when submitting an article. The site itself discloses that they receive a lot of submissions so you are likely to be on a waiting list to get your articles published on the site. For how long, there is no way of knowing. The site is not for newbie writers as obviously Today I Found Out scrutinizes the articles submitted to them and require high quality standards. Considering that you need to send your pitch to them for consideration of your topic it is best to submit early to beat the long waiting list of writers who also submitted their potential topics to write to the site. You also need to be patient when waiting for their response and do not easily get disheartened when your submission is turned down. Your potential earnings for writing content are uncertain since the site does not provide the pay rate for the articles submitted to it.


My Final Opinion of


Generally, when you ask is Today I Found Out a scam? it is safe to consider that it is not. It appears that the site is operated by professionals who maintain quality articles that are published at It is not easy to get your articles published with high volume of content providers trying to get their work published on the site as well. I do not think that the earnings you make from Today I Found Out is reliable since getting your articles published and get paid for it entails a slow process. How much you will earn will likely depend on your dedication and patience of waiting for the site to finally publish your article which must be written well to qualify for a slot on the site.




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