Is Postal Jobs Source a Scam

Is Postal Jobs Source a Scam?- Hidden Red Flags

Is Postal Jobs Source a Scam

PRODUCT NAME: Postal Jobs Source

OWNER: unknown



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I am surprised to find out that there is a site offering a sure way of landing a job at the US Postal Service. Sure, landing a federal job is something that one will find very appealing. But there is something off with the way this site called Postal Jobs Source has been offering its services to those who are interested of getting a job at the US Postal Service. Is Postal Jobs Source a scam? Yes it is and here’s why.


Postal Jobs Source Review


The Postal Job Source has been getting a lot of attention with its web page heading “The Postal Service is Now Hiring.” It gives the impression that it is a site affiliated with the US Postal Service but actually it is not. In fact if you dig in further about its website, you will find its disclaimer stating that it is affiliated with the US Postal Service, US government, its agencies or affiliates. This already brings a lot of doubt regarding the legitimacy of the site and there are more to discover about the trickery and false claims that Postal Jobs Source use in order to scam people.


What is Postal Jobs Source?


Postal Jobs Source is an online site with different URLs namely, and Having multiple URLs for a single company is nothing unusual usually for a legitimate reason but usually they engage in redirecting these multiple sites to a single mother site. However, for shady companies that run unscrupulous business they usually maintain different sites with no redirects. But there are more reasons that will bother you more to consider this site is a scam:


  1. You pay to land for a job at the US Postal Service


Postal Jobs Source offers a registration package worth $48. This package comes with a step by step guide on how to land a job at the US Postal Service, counseling, access to the various job vacancies, tips and review materials to pass the written exam for a certain position. Any person will think twice to pay considering that the government does not sell off its job positions.


  1. Postal Jobs Source guarantees to have a high score in the written examination


All entry level positions for the US Postal Service requires a written examination. Postal Jobs Source provides a guarantee that anyone using its review materials will get a high score in order to get a certain position. The examination is usually one that tests one’s general aptitude and this cannot be enhanced by studying. The sales pitch made by Postal Jobs Source is something that is quite tricky and manipulative and it tends to target people who just want the assurance of landing the job and not really trying out to pass all the requirements for federal employment.


Is Postal Jobs Source a Scam


  1. Postal Jobs Source sells out inside knowledge about the US Postal Service


The sales pitch of Postal Job Source tends to claim that it is selling out inside knowledge about getting a job position for the US Postal Service. We all know that the government does not allow any of its agencies to operate like that. All applicants are given equal opportunities when landing a federal job and with the way Postal Job Source wants others to believe that it can help you get a priority placement at the US postal service this is merely a baloney.




If there is one thing that looks good about the Postal Job Source it is its 200% money back guarantee if you don’t get hired. But there is no guarantee that you will indeed get a refund or that you will not have any difficulty of communicating with them to process your refund. You might not get any reply at all.




The site of the Postal Job Source makes it appear that it is connected with the US Postal Service by promoting that it can guarantee your priority placement for any postal jobs. However, it disclaims being affiliated or connected to the federal agency if you take the time to read their site. It is a private company and not in any way an insider to the US Postal Service. It is obviously tricking people into believing that it has the capacity in giving one a federal job within the postal service. It is also odd to find a different Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating logo or seal on its site claiming that it is rated A+. If you check on the official BBB site you cannot find any rating for the Postal Job Source.


My Final Opinion of Postal Jobs Source


Is Postal Job Source a scam? Considering the many oddities on how it promotes its services there are good reasons to consider that it is. It is trying to exploit people who are desperate in landing a federal job by offering them the easiest way of getting in but we know that it is not the reality on how the US Postal Service does on its hiring process.


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