Is Home Jobs Now A Scam

Product Name: Home Jobs Now


Start up fee: one-time fee of $97

Rating:  10/ 100

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Finding a job at home without the need of holding any degree and all you need is an internet connection and a computer sounds to be a good prospect for earning an income. For someone who desperately needs to earn money because he lacks experience for employment or have no educational degree, the job offer from the Home Jobs Now site seems alluring. But before you fall into the bait of earning easy income without really sweating it out, you should probably ask yourself first is home jobs now a scam?

Is Home Jobs Now A Scam – Don’t Fall For Bogus Offers

What the Home Jobs Now offers is an income stream flowing from work-from-home jobs that only requires you a computer, internet and at least 60 minutes a day of your time. While it does promote working from home opportunity, the site actually offers a link posting task. This work-from-home job will give you access to a unique tracking code which you will place to the online ads. Then simply check your account on how much you have earned in doing the task. This sounds easy and the offer is made more enticing by telling you that you can actually earn instantly in this work at home venture. In its banner ad your potential earning will be an average of $20 for each link and you can post at least 15 links a day. That’s a potential $300 income a day for doing not much.

In its check out area, you will be prompted to pay a one-time fee of $97 in order to access the member only portal. In addition, you will also get the email from someone, probably the system’s owner and an advisor. What makes the site probably bogus is that you will be paying as much as $97 for something that that is unclear on what you get in exchange for your money. You cannot find any information from the site about the potential jobs that are available for you. But apparently, you will be linked to another site that will take you to a walkthrough on doing link posting jobs at home. For something uncertain, one in his right mind will not cash out $97 for doing an uncertain task especially there is not much that their site can tell to its online visitors except advertising how you could earn from their work from home job opportunities and talking about the Home Jobs Now benefits.

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The signs of lurking danger

The site itself is giving some telltale signs that it may be a scam. The website has a poor content presentation, with lack of vital information about the company behind the work-from-home opportunity. Most of the contents are sales pitch. It does not even discuss accurately about what type of home based jobs one can possibly find, except that you can potentially earn once you know how to use a web browser and the social media websites. It makes earning money sounds so simple but it does not give a brief description of the jobs that one could actually find from the system. It is also a bit tricky to directly promote jobs from home on the site when in fact it is actually offering a link posting job. You will only discover this once you try signing up where a video about how one can become a millionaire from simply doing link posting appears when you click on the membership link.

It also doesn’t make any sense to earn millions from simply doing link posting tasks. As of the time of this writing, linking posts have become an obsolete way of marketing online. This makes the claim of making you a millionaire from this type of jobs at home offer purely a baloney. If you ever consider signing for this work from home job opportunity, you need to make a reality check if what the person on the video is offering you realistic. At the side note, some reviews even claim that the site is just one of the plethora of work-from-home websites online that are unscrupulous and found to be a scam that changes its name several times.

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I am giving Home Jobs Now a 1/10 rating mainly because the only good thing I found from it is its refund policy within 60 days after you sign up and pay for the membership fee. How quick the refund process if ever you get any is something I am yet to discover. If you ask is Home Jobs Now a scam, there are many good reasons why it is safe to assume that it is probably a scam. You get to learn how to link posts online very costly at $97, though. Apart from that, the work-from-home job offer seems deceptive.

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