Is Home Job Source A Scam?

PRODUCT NAME: Home Job Source

OWNER NAME: Emily White (Phony name)


RATING: 2/10

The internet harbors many profit earning program such as earn from home job programs and marketing opportunities. One of these is the Home Job Source which offers a chance to earn a massive wealth by working at home. Many of us are quick in subscribing to this kind of opportunity to work from home and the site does provide an enticing offer to earn at the comfort of your homes. Before you subscribe to the program it is prudent to ask is Home Job Source a scam? This Home Job Source review will give you an overview why you should think twice before falling to the scheme of earning money from home using its program.

Home Job Source Review

The Home Job Source is mainly a program that offers some job opportunities to help you work and earn from home. At the onset it is worth noting that it has two websites namely the and While there are two different sites, they will take you to a single site,  where you can make your subscription to their program. The program claims of providing its subscribers the chance to earn at least $150,000 or more in a year even by working on part time hours. The website claims that it is created by Emily White, a work from home mom. But Emily White doesn’t exist! While there is really no proof who is Emily White, her photos appearing on the sales pages are iStock photos. Most legitimate owners of products or company will revealed their true identity with their original photos to show to give legitimacy on their name and business.

What is Home Job Source?

Home Job Source is an online program that offers a money making opportunity from your home. You need to subscribe for their program and you will get links that you can click without limits. Its website states that just click the links and you will get money with no restrictions on the number of links to click. While the program claims that you can start working on different jobs using their software, this is mainly a pay per click scheme. You get an affiliate commission out of every link you click which is of very small value (in cents!)

What makes the program enticing is how its sales pitches lure people to sign up for the program. They made the effort of comparing how other systems offer earning of $40,000 a month which is unreasonable and claims that their system offers a more reasonable earning of $13,000 a month. However, based on the nature of the job that you will do on link posting, the $13,000 a month income for this kind of job is likewise unrealistic. In fact, link posting will not give good income as you will only earn cents per link and it requires investment of your time and effort. Moreover, with the spam protection that are in play these days by major search engines, the unlimited clicks you do will be tagged as bad links and marketers will not find such scheme profitable and valuable for their products and services.

Red flags spotted

There are many good reasons to consider Home Job Source as a scam. Its sales pages provide that you can earn from home certain amount of income within a month however once you are redirected to its membership subscription site on, you will find this at the bottom of their web page “the product does not guarantee income or success,” so use the program at your own risk and contention. Moreover, you will find the logos of CNN, ABC, USA Today, NBC and Fox News displayed on the top page. This is quite deceiving since they want to give an impression to the public that the program is featured on these sites. However the display of “Work From Home Opportunities Have Been Featured On” these sites is quite a generic statement and may refer to other work from home programs and not the Home Job Source. You cannot also find the video clip on their website from YouTube. The program also advertises that you get a training with your subscription but there are many complains that such training is non-existent upon subscribing.


If you ask is Home Job Source a scam? the verdict is it is a scam. There are too many red flags that are very obvious to be ignored. There is lack of professionalism on their site with the lack of good grammar and their sales marketing schemes are obviously designed to deceive people to entice them from subscribing for the system. Link posting can be a source of income but it cannot provide a decent income that you can fully rely on. For obvious reasons the program is mainly designed to draw people to their system and get your money for their benefit.

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