Is Type At Home A Scam

How does doing some simple typing jobs appeal to you as a source of income stream? Type At Home offers this kind of opportunity to those in search of income sources by earning money simply by accepting typing assignments. While this sounds like a very good deal, question like is Type At Home a scam stirs the internet community considering the bad reviews and testimonials you can find in many forums. To help shed some enlightenment about the issue, here are some of the important facts I have gathered about Type At Home scam issue.



Is Type At Home a scam – Is it really worth your money


Is earning a minimum of $45 per assignment as a part-time typist appeals to you? Or perhaps you want to work as a full-time typist and earn a minimum of $75 per assignment. If you aspire of becoming a business owner, you can earn as much as $175 as minimum for typing assignments. These offers sound  like a very good income stream but in order to access the system you need to register at a cost of $29.99, $59.99 and $89.99 as part-time, full-time typist and a business owner respectively as published on their site Job payments are usually released every Friday either by company check or Paypal. This is indeed an enticing offer considering that taking more than one typing assignment will make you recoup the cost for the registration. The caveat is, there is no guarantee that you will get any assignment at all. Once you register, you will get an email from the site management about the access information for various jobs. This, however, does not guarantee any job for you.


What makes it a possible scam?


The worst case scenario is not hearing from the site management again after registration. I have read some horror stories on different online scam forum sites from people who signed up to the site but did not receive any email communication about getting access to the typing assignments. By viewing the website, nothing offers any money back guarantee to their typing job offers. You cannot find any About Us tab on the site either that can provide important background information about the company. Most legit companies will introduce the people behind the site to their customers. You cannot even view the possible assignments available unless you register by paying them. This is the risk you have to take by shelling money out of your pocket for something you have no idea what the potential job you will do looks like aside from knowing you will do some typing work. The site also does not look professional. Their videos and posts have some typo errors and some of the images have copyright notice coming from Getty image. This does not necessarily makes Type At Home a scam but this is the usual red flag from unscrupulous sites to watch out for.


On the other note ….


I have seen a blog promoting the site that shows screenshots about the earnings coming from Type At Home jobs on Paypal and giving positive reviews and affirming the legitimacy of the site. The major point of the author seems reasonable stating that most companies offering a job need to require interested parties to register to cover the costs of advertising. Payment is usually made possible only after completing an assignment. This goes back to my analysis that the registration is merely to give you access to the jobs but there is no guarantee that you get a job and be paid. Therefore you need to sign up at your own risk.


By digging deeper, there is an apparent reason to question the accuracy of other blogs and articles claiming an actual payout and typing jobs coming from a site that hires typists from Type At Home. The said site shows a heavy ad page with a very few content. This makes me question what content they need typing for their site to pay for at Type At Home. This is something a prudent person will ask if you don’t want to dwell simply on what is being laid down to you by the Type At Home site.




There is a mix of positive and negative reviews about Type At Home. Unfortunately, I have to admit the negative reviews are more dominant that can answer the question is type at home a scam that it probably is. It may be reasonable to consider that the registration is a means of offsetting the advertising costs but you certainly do not want to gamble your money on something that does not offer you a guaranteed income. In closing, if you are a prudent person who cares for your money, you should not sign up with Type At Home. However, if you think the cost is a negligible amount you can try out the system if you don’t mind whatever the outcome of signing up for the site.

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