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Is The Irish Method a scam? Truth on binary option scam.

irish method

There are The Singapore Method, The Brit Method and now The Irish Method. All these so called methods are binary options scheme that claims will make you rich. You may want to read a review from my buddy, Cena on The Singapore Method.

Binary option trading is a very lucrative to venture if you know what you are doing. For me, giving your hard earn money to someone you don’t even know is risky. Jason Flanagan has the same clone face as some of the binary options sites like The Brit Method, The Saffa Method and The Canuck Method. This is the first red flag and you will need to go deeper into your research.

So let’s get to the review.

What is Binary Option Trading?

There are a couple of way to portray Binary Options Trading. You can say that it is an option to trade which can be exercised on the expiration date. If at expiration the option, it is settled above a certain price, the buyer or seller of the option receives a pre-specified amount of money. If it is settled below the certain price, the buyer or seller gets nothing.

The options are based on many trades but the most popular ones are ETFs or currencies. I am into binary option trading currently (not in The Irish Method or any of the referral sites) and my broker are currently trading ETFs. The yield is not fantastic but I get paid a few hundred bucks a month for 12 months and break even on the 6 month. So, a bit of a passive income for me.

Can you trust The Irish Method?

To me honestly, every investment is a risk but you have to categories the risk factor. Is it a big risk to fork out your money to binary option trading? Do you trust this method? You can ask a million things but if you aren’t doing your research thoroughly. it is not an investment, it is a gamble.

The Irish Method is the same clone as the other sites that I have mentioned. The system are the same, you join, you will be introduced to a broker and you start to fund the broker your money to trade. Well, the first thing you should want to check out is how good is your broker, what is he/she trading and what is his experience. Nothing beats an experience broker but doing trading online with a broker is not advisable, that is to me.


There are a lots of negative reviews on the internet on binary option trading and I am sure it is a true fact that most of the investors are getting scammed. I can see that without ample knowledge of what you do, you can really burn your pockets. So can I trust The Irish Method? You have my answer already.

How The Irish Method works?

There is an app that allows you to do option trading but however, you will need to fund and open an account. It is the same as the other methods as mentioned.

So, you will start to receive live binary trading signals, and place your first binary options trade. You will work with your broker thereafter. Like I said if you do not know how to trade and leave it to your broker, then it is a gamble. Binary options trading is a one of the trading jargon that you need to know in order to fund your investment. You need to know a fixed-return options, expiration date and “strike price” which is stated in the binary option contract. There are also “in-the-money” and “out-the-money” terms which you have to understand.

Simple explanation, if you know the know-how of Binary Option trading, then go and find a good broker and do your stuff and make money work for you.


Is The Irish Method a scam? From my honest opinion, I feel it is a scam and do not recommend anyone to give it a try. But please, do your homework first and take a step back and learn the processes before throwing your investment into binary option trading. Personally, if you trust your broker and the contract he specified is achievable, then might be taking a risk, a calculated one. Think about it.

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