Is The Canuck Method a Scam?

Is The Canuck Method a Scam? – Another Set Up Trap

Is The Canuck Method a Scam?

From getting curious about how binary options really work and is it that easy to cash in money to my account. I started to get doubts and raise my eye brown. There so many sites telling you fancy stories and flashy cash notes to capture your eyes. To make things worst, there a particular website that looks exactly the same with others. The only difference is the person uses different names to present to you.

Are you looking for answers is The Canuck Method a scam? I can tell you once again avoid it for good. If you really interested to know how binary work. Get started for free “Entering The Binary Options World” it is a free course for you.

To make it simple for you to understand. There are many such websites around the internet. They simply copy one another.

Take a look at these various websites which we have gone through.

The Singapore Method
The Malay Method
The Irish Method
The Brit Method

Is The Canuck Method a Scam?

They are exactly the same and using the same method to lure you in to open a free account but you have to top up your hard earn money to get started to trade. Of course to start trading you need to use money, but how safe it is?

Looking at the various websites you can easily find out the same people appear on the website using different names. How can you trust someone who use different names with your money.

Is The Canuck Method a Scam?

Back to Canuck Method, this guy name Jake Mason came up with so many names that I lost count. A handsome looking guy might be just a model or the real mastermind behind all these hidden agendas. Or maybe he really doesn’t know his photo being use on so many sites.

Last one we found another guy use the name as Jake Mason. So who is the real Jake Mason?

Is The Canuck Method a Scam?

Fake Testimonials

Testimonials can be really good to impress visitors, but you can get lots of awesome looking video testimonials for just $5 at Fiverr. They are paid to speak whatever script given to them. If you prefer they come out with their own script pay a little extra.


Is The Canuck Method a Scam? In my opinion, Yes. I’m going to advise you don’t ever try it. Keep your $250 warm in your pocket for coming Christmas and get the best gifts for your love ones. Keen to know more about binary options? Join the discussion below.

Can You Make Money with Binary Options?

If you really keen to learn how to many money online. Be prepare for the hard work and effort, there is no magical solution.

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