Is Orion Code A Scam?

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If you are very interested about binary trading software that guarantees an income because earning some quick cash appeals you then you better think twice. Binary trading involves a system of trading price fluctuations within different global markets and it requires the trader to learn the basic trading skills and understanding how the process works. Binary trading software is currently marketed today that guarantees an efficient system that will guarantee you to earn from your trading. However they become sources of a scam where you will hear promises like earning profits of $100,000 within 30 days guaranteed such as that offered by Orion Code. You will even get a no loss guaranteed by using its software. With this kind of promise you should consider asking is Orion Code a scam? Here are what we found out that will enlighten you to answer this question.

Is Orion Code a scam? โ€“ Meet the scam brokers

You probably seen the advertisement of the Orion Code and you will simply feel impressed on how much they spent for the production of its marketing video. However, the persons behind this ad are known scam brokers who have looted from unsuspecting traders. Some of online scammers are offshore unlicensed brokers who set up fake brokerage firms that they will present to their victims in order to lure them from spending money by trading using the Orion Code software. One person in particular named Edward Robinson who markets the advertisement video appears to be using a fictitious name. He was exposed in one of the Orion Code scam review as Jeff Gorham who does not have any skills and background in binary trading. The fact of misrepresenting himself is a smoking gun expose that Orion Code is indeed a scam with unscrupulous personalities behind it.

The scripts on the video marketing the product are also plagiarized and exactly copied in some exposed scams before like the Quantum Code and other auto trader applications and software. One of the prominent sales pitches on the video was identified to be copied from Amisso, another scam that bled people out of their money. To entice people in signing up for the Orion Code software they offer a money back guarantee. However if you try calling or contacting these persons you will never get any reply from them. The only time that you get to interact with one of the people behind this scam is when they try to convince you to spend as much as $10,000 as investment in using their ponzi scheme.


Just another version of exposed scam software

Orion Code claims that their software is new in the market. This is untrue since there are evidences that it is just another version of Ten Fold Finance, a binary trading scam which was published with 50 different names to scam people online. Moreover, there are also some doubtful features that come with the Orion Code software. What is obvious is the single button trading bot where no option to control the number of trades that a trader can make when using the software. Its implication is a trader cannot control the risks involved of spending his money for trading.

False promises that are too good to be true

The trading market is volatile and there is no way to predict whether you can make a profit or not at a given time. What the Orion Code promises is impossible. It guarantees no loss when using its software in addition to the $100,000 profit that you will earn out of your investment within 30 days. Any person of the right mind will know that a no loss guarantee is purely baloney. No software can actually produce this kind of a performance of predicting the trading market otherwise many would have been a millionaire from trading by now. The way the Orion Code product is being marketed is purely deceptive and can easily trick people who are thinking about using a get rich easy scheme.

The dangers of using the Orion Code software

Using the software will cost you a minimum of $250 for trading. The fund will be assigned by the software to an unknown and predictably unlicensed broker. The amount will be automatically charged against your credit card. Once paid you will have no control on where your money goes. You will have no way of knowing whether they are indeed being traded in the market in the first place.


There are too many obvious signs that can answer your query of is Orion Code a scam? The product is screaming so many red flags that will warn you that it is a scam. It lacks integrity and its illegitimacy is supported by the fact that the product is merely a copy cat of other binary trading scams out there.

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