Is Fan Page Money Method a Scam?

Is Fan Page Money Method a Scam? – Just Basic Method

Product Name: Fan Page Money Method
Owner: Michael Cheney
Price: $10.99
Website: (not affiliate link)
Rating: 25/100

Is Fan Page Money Method a Scam?

Have you created a Facebook Fan Page or rather do you know how to create one? It is not difficult right, even children these days can create one themselves for their hobby or interest. So what we are looking at is are you using it to make money online? This guy Michael Cheney claims he is going to show how making money with your Fan Page with his method. We are going to find out is Fan Page Money Method a scam?

I’m not an affiliate of this product and at the end of this post you decide is this the right method for you.

What is it?

Fan Page Money, Method in short lets call it FPMM is mainly an ebook guiding you on how to use Facebook Fanpages and ads surface to sell your products directly instead of driving to your website.


• Creating Fanpage
• Learning to use Facebook Ads


• Lot of upsells
• Very basic information (which can find on the internet for free)
• Receiving lot of spam mail

I have watched the first few videos of Micheal explaining on how to sell directing from Facebook Fanpage instead to your website. I have to agree and disagree. If you do it right with ads funnel. Yes, you get lot sales provided you target the right audiences and your products are hot.

What if you have a website that running? What don’t you make use it to drive traffic to it. That will even better. There are already millions of Fanpage and it sorry to say yours is just another one.

Spamming with a lot of sales pages

I use a less active email account to sign up for FPMM to get more information and guides. Of course I do not expect free training from Micheal, some insight of his product will be good to decide to sign up. No, guess what I get more than what I expected.

Is Fan Page Money Method a Scam?

Sales after sales pages, sending in to my email inbox. I get 3 to 4 emails daily from him, these emails are other products he pushy to try his luck if I will buy. I don’t think his email marketing strategy is doing him a favor.


Is Fan Page Money Method a scam? I don’t think so, but it’s annoying to receive tons of emails of the sales pages. Is he trying to make his subscriber mobile ATM machine so he can collect cash fast and easy.

I do not recommend anyone to buy this product. To learn how to maintain Fan Pages and run ads effectively you directly, find on Facebook which they are more than happy to help. It save you time and money.

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Have you try Fan Page Money Method? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks

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