The Article Factory a Scam?

Is The Article Factory a Scam? – You Pay Peanuts You Get Monkeys

Product Name: The Article Factory
Owner: Unknown
Price : $1
Rating: 0/100

The Article Factory a Scam?

A lot of internet marketers tell you content is king, which every website need that. You struggle to write or you want to hire the right writer to produce quality content on your website. There lot of hungry writers out there ready to write for you if the price is right.

You have heard lots of sites that have such service. Such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancers and lot more to be mention. Recently I have gotten a lot of emails from this particular subject on “Article for a Dollar”. Is there someone who willing to be so desperate for earning a dollar for this work. The site name The Article Factory, is it a scam?

The Article Factory Review

To make it simple to understand, The Article Factory in short TRF is a website providing writing service. The charges are dirt cheap. $1 for 1 articles, but the minimum order is at least 5 articles. The more you order the cheaper it become. You can order up 100 articles at only $90.

Is The Article Factory a Scam

Red Flags

TRF didn’t state per article how many words they are going to write for you. Which you need to find out if you interested to hire them. But you don’t need hurry to order yet.

You can take a look at their article example, which I read a few. The articles have no meaning throughout the topic and simply write for sake for writing.

Their reviews give almost all 5 stars and just 1 review it for 1 star. Are these reviews real? I doubt so.

Quality Over Quantity

You can afford to pay such low price for lots of articles to fill up your website. But you can’t afford to have low quality content on your website. They mention to write with the keywords you provide, which mean they do have SEO knowledge. Which you will get your article rank, but wait. $1 an article don’t expect you were going to get that.


Is The Article Factory a scam? In my opinion, I give the benefit of doubts. I don’t label them as a scam, but I do not recommend anyone to buy articles for just $1. As I mentioned right in the beginning you pay peanuts and get monkeys.

If you just started and would like to cut short the path of internet marketing. Chose a niche or passion that you love and hire my #1 recommend service to kick start your online business.

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10 thoughts on “Is The Article Factory a Scam? – You Pay Peanuts You Get Monkeys”

  1. I got a large order from them for my new site, it was pretty good content for only $1, Why all the hate? If you want Harvard grad writing go ahead and pay $20-$50 an article. IMO

  2. Don’t waste your money… they have no team of writers…. the so called articles are just words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs that are skimmed from other peoples web sites.
    The ‘content’ of any article make no sense and is basically rubbish.

  3. It’s a scam. I paid for the $5 for 5 articles and revived nothing…have reached out to them multiple times and nothing. SCAM. Don’t waste your time or money.

  4. I ordered 10 articles there from two separate email accounts.
    Never got my articles.
    No response from support.
    It is a scam.

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