Is fast cash biz a scam?

Is Fast Cash Biz a Scam? – Too Fast May Cause Crash

In this blog post, I’m going to review a binary options product called “Fast Cash Biz”. It’s presented on web site by Madison Clark and David Graham
Is Fast Cash Biz a Binary Options Scam or A Legit Way to Make Money from Home? Read on to find out.

Product Name: Fast Cash Biz
Owners: Madison Clark and David Graham
Price: Free (Catch: You will need to open a new account and fund it in order to get free access to the Fast Cash Biz software.)
Website: (not affiliate link)
Rating: 40/100

Fast Cash Biz is a new binary options shortcut to unlimited wealth.

Is fast cash biz a scam?

What are Binary Options?

Binary Options are a high risk method of trading stocks and commodities that generally takes place over a very short set period of time just 1 to 5 minutes at a time.

You’ll never be able to actually own any of these stock or commodities, instead you’ll trade based on demand and supply of the stock. Stock prices which will cause the stock price to fluctuates rapidly over a set period of just 1 to 5 minutes.

Stock prices are well known for being very volatile even at the micro level. There are instances where stock prices will rapidly change 60 times, at a rate where each second fetches a different price of the stock.

For this high risk trading method, most softwares found of the internet can only give you the general trend over a period of time, it will not be able to accurately predict the outcome of the stock seconds by second.

Any so call software or binary stock system which promises millions and claims to be able to predict Binary Options Trading 100% of the time is lying to you.



• User friendly and newbie friendly, you will be able to instantly able to use the software application after opening and account and start trading. This software allows you to learn and grasp the fundamentals of the trading procedure in the comfort of your own home.

• Provides 1 to 1 telephone service allows you to speak to a live telephone operator to get your questions answered fast and get started.

• This software can be downloaded and used on multiple operating systems and platforms Windows, Mac or Linux if you are using a laptop or desktop. And even on your tablets and smart phones. You no longer need to be confined to your desktop, you can now start trading anytime, anywhere, on the beach, even when you are vacationing.

• Provides high quality online seminars frequently that allows you to be able to see the software in action.

• Provided with Free Financial Data Feeds that is worth typically $540+ per month

• Fully Customizable Alert Parameters for Increased Trading Capacity

• Personalize the pip setting and time-frame that alerts you to a specific pip movement. This means that there are loads of combinations, and nearly endless possibilities of being profitable with this software.

• Unlike most sites we stumble upon, they at least placed a government disclaimer at the bottom of the page which explains that trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. While most other sites only place a generic risk warning to warn their traders of potential losses.


-There is an image in the video which shows a screenshot of $3,693,823.55 in the account from the options trading. Big Money Claims ($3,500,000 per year) which isn’t possible.

-Video portrays the high life of Yachts, Aeroplanes and Mansion which preys on people’s Greed

-Misleading claims that it is very easy to make money online and lead the high life.

-You may experience some lags in the live feeds on your screen at times. This will affects your ability to make quick financial decisions which is required in the volatile and rapid changing nature of the binary options trading market.

-There is no guarantee that you will bound to earn money with this piece of software due to the volatile nature of the trading market.


Is Fast Cash Biz a scam?

As it is user-friendly and newbie friendly, with 1 on 1 telephone support, Fast Cash Biz would be useful for newbies and aspiring traders. to get their feet wet and understand about the basics of predicting trends in the binary options trading market within a specific time period.

However, I would advise you to take the income claims and the promise of free millions with a pinch of salt. There is no free automatic binary trading system that will make you money without much work. If you really want to make money online with binary options as an option, I would advise you to learn the knowledge required, test the knowledge learnt and hone the skills by taking action to trade myself.

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