Is Explosive Payday A Scam

Product Name: Explosive Payday

Website: (not affiliate link)

Start up fee: 5 days free trial, $30 monthly

Rating: 10/100

Explosive payday

There are good reasons why many of us would wonder is explosive payday a scam? At the onset, the Explosive Payday is offering different work from home jobs that involve link posting tasks, data entry and typing jobs that can actually generate you monthly income of at least $14,000. Before this job offer entices you to signing up and worse quitting your job to rely on this work from home offer, hold your reign and do not let your money slip from your grasp because there are more to this scheme that meets the eyes.

Is explosive payday a scam? – A surreal deal that is a waste of money

It is very unfortunate that many people would fall for a scam that can offer a very good income that sounds too good to be true. There are many red flags that are hard to ignore about Explosive Payday. First, according to, the site has an unknown reputation and its domain name has been in existence for only 160 days as of the date of this writing. The country of origin of the site owner is hidden by using an anonymous service although the website location is registered in the United States. This pattern follows the usual profile of fraudulent sites. Considering that there is not much information about the site owner or the background of the company, you should be more careful about dealing with this type of work from home site.

What is more questionable about the site is that it appears to associate its company with Facebook.  It apparently insinuates that one can potentially earn from Facebook Money. However, the moment you sign up for a free trial of its program, the process will lead you to purchasing its product called VW Hosting. From here you will be enlightened that what you are signing up for has nothing to do with Facebook. The hosting program includes a how-to e-book on setting up a website and tutorials about SEO. This product is good for a 5-day free trial and eventually will sign you up for a monthly subscription of $30. This is considered to be a waste of money since you can actually find a lot of web hosting services that cost less than $30. Unfortunately, if you think you are not happy with the product you are not entitled to a refund since the site’s terms and conditions page does not provide for such an option.

Even if the site is legit, you will find it impractical to pay for such an overly priced web hosting service. However, what is more alarming is you are actually purchasing a product that is completely different from what it is actually advertised online. That sounds deceitful and untrustworthy to me.

Explosive Payday

Reasons not to gamble your money

Explosive Payday has this call of action button that prompts you to sign up immediately because of the limited positions left available. It shows how many spots are left and you are likely to be induced to sign up in order not to miss such an opportunity of making money from home. However, after a few hours or days later, the same number of spots left shows on the screen. Explosive Payday also offers a big discount of allowing you to try out their product for a free trial for only $9.95 instead of the regular membership of $399. But it is obviously questionable to be paying for something considered as free.

Seeing Explosive Payday marketing video can draw many to signing up especially when it is made to appear that CNN is featuring the site’s banner. However, a discriminating eye will easily catch some irregularities on the video where the Explosive Payday banner appears to fade in and out on the video as if it is not part of the actual CNN news report. Moreover, the featured video shows the hosts to be talking about work from home jobs in general but does not actually mention or discuss Explosive Payday in particular. The site’s term and condition page is also clear in its disclaimer policy that the site is not at all associated with Facebook or CNN. This gives us the reason to believe that its so-called association with Facebook in its marketing ad is fictitious.

Explosive Payday


Explosive Payday may be a legit site since you get the web hosting kits in exchange of your money but even then it is outrageously expensive for such a package. But if you were to ask me is explosive payday a scam, this review give me many reasons to believe that it probably is because of the many fictitious claims they advertise on their site. The red flags are too obvious to be ignored and I suggest that you should be more prudent when dealing with their offers.

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  1. The guy that called me about this said he was from Northside staffing. he makes it sound like he is with a recruiting company. What a Scam!!!!

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