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If you like to participate in Forex and binary trading, you must be looking on how to improve your odds of winning. These kinds of trading are associated with risks but you want to trade smart in order to improve your chance of making this a profitable endeavor. There are many trading software offering to improve your odds of earning your trading profit. One of these is the Binary Options Trading Signals by Franco.

It claims to rank as number one in live trading room for Forex and binary trading. If you are interested of trying out this software you are probably asking is Binary Options Trading Signals a scam? This review will help you determine whether its software is worth the investment.

Binary Options Trading Signals Review

The Binary Options Trading Signals provides a live trading room that offers its members the chance to learn trading from the experts. Designed by Franco you will learn from the live trading different strategies that will help you improve your trading profits from the pros. There are also different kinds of training materials to help you get started and improve your trading skills. By trading using its software you will have the chance to trade even with the Master Traders regardless of your skills and experience levels. This will help you get associated with professional traders from whom you can learn different skills and strategies on Forex and binary trading.

With its claimed 15 years of experience in the trading industry you will have the opportunity of learning what trading strategies work and do not work. You can have the potential of trading smarter with your hard earned money and possibly take massive profits each time you trade. It provides charts which host its trading tools and indicators. In order to get access to the Binary Options Trading Signals software you need to subscribe as a member and pay biweekly the amount of $97.

How Does Binary Options Trading Signals Works?

Through your subscription you will get access to the live trading room where you can connect with professional and master traders like Franco. You will also have view on the different assets like USD, EUR, JPY and Google stocks as among others. It also gives you the live binary signals on the chart with an arrow sign going up for “call or buy” or arrow going down for “put or sell.” The signal makes a sound and Franco is also online live to assist you.

Franco suggests whether you should make a trade and gives updates about the current market conditions and news. He also signals whether you should stop trading. With his assistance you need not trade harder but trade smart. There are also Binary Options Trading Signals service that sends alerts on email and SMS.

Franco does not reveal where he gets his trading signals and the algorithms that he use for predicting the trading market. You get short term signals in 60 seconds and 2 and 5 minutes. In some cases Franco use about 15 minutes signal but this is no longer applied in most cases. The most common one is the 60 seconds signal. During the 2 and 5 minutes signal you can open an account with option brokers and start trading.

When using the software you will get periodic trading signals which can be strong signals (btt signals as Franco calls it which stands for “bang the table”) or weak signals. He does not dictate which to trade but merely guiding your trading decisions according to his trading signals. Your trading decisions will always depends on what type of a trader you are and the balance in your trader account.

The Pros

The program provides you a good way of trading smart instead of trading hard because Franco provides you a guide and helpful trading signals. This allows you to make the best trading decisions based on the current trading market. As Franco guides you through the process of trading you will learn better trading strategies along the process.

The Cons

The program offers a 60-day money guarantee although there is no free trial offered except on Mondays. You will probably get the hang of your winning streaks and may likely get carried away on trading even though it is not a good day to trade.


The Binary Options Trading Signals is a good live trading room to subscribe for. There are different ways to learn how to trade smart through the guide of Franco and the useful information from his binary signals. So if you ask is Binary Options Trading Signals a scam? The answer will be no. It is a legitimate way of engaging in Forex and binary trading that helps you improve your trading skills.


Binary Options Trading Signals

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