Is Cash From Home A Scam?

Product Name: Cash From Home


Price: $97

Owner: Unknown

Overall Rank: 0 out of 100


There are different legitimate ways of earning from home and many companies are offering varied opportunities to help people earn cash from home. One of these is the Cash From Home which is a program where one can allegedly earn an income by link posting. However, there are so many people asking Is Cash From Home a scam? Here is my review about this earn from home program.


Is Cash From Home a scam?

There are so many reasons why you should believe that the program is a scam. Different reviews were pointing out too many red flags that can lead one to believe that this is not a legitimate way of earning money from home. One is required to sign up for the program at $97 and you can have access on their system that will offer you link posting strategies to learn to earn cash from home.

The Cash From Home program is created by a person who is using fictitious names and aliases in the internet. The creator introduced herself as Cynthia Sprinter but was formerly known by others as Mary Rogers. She tells others about herself being a single mother and how she became successful in link posting that earned her an income from home.

She claims to be the number one home business consultant in America. However when you try to research about her credentials there is nothing true to them and it appears that she is merely using fictitious claims.

Red flags about Cash From Home

There are so many telltale signs that will convince you that the Cash From Home is a scam. Its website publishes fake testimonials which are done by fake actors. You can even trace some actors and actresses who seem to be sharing their own experience as offering their services at $5 only. The website also claims that the program was featured by some big news companies like the CNN, NBC News, Fox News, USA Today and ABC but it appears that these logos were simply used on the site without permission.

There were also complaints rising against the website as a link posting scam site and for being associated with other scam sites like Simple Income Strategies and Internet Careers Online. These sites are affiliated with 37 clicks which is also the Cash From Home program that is described by its subscribers as a scam for misleading them and copy pasting sales pages that aim to cause people to buy the 37 Clicks or the Cash From Home program.

The Cash From Home’s association with other scam sites prove that after the exposure of one scam site, it transitions to a different name to evade complaints and to continue recruiting new subscribers to its programs by changing from one company name to another. Its promise of a quick way of earning money from home through link posting has become an effective strategy to entice many to sign up for Cash From Home.

The program actually copy pasted some sales pages that is very convincing, causing many victims to fall for this link posting scam. The site also provides a calculator that falsely provides a calculation on how much you can possibly earn from using the program. However, in reality it is not practical to earn that much within a given period of time. It is just one of the many other tactics used by the program to entice people to subscribe to the Cash from Home program.

Another sign that the Cash From Home is a scam is their effort of trying to convince people about how the program can offer them a luxurious income and posting images of luxury cars, yachts and mansions that are obviously grabbed from stock photos. These images wanted to instill to the mind of those interested how the program can change their life when earning from Cash From Home program.


Is Cash From Home a scam? The real truth is it is a scam. There are so many obvious signs that what it offers to the public are false hopes on earning money online. There are other legitimate ways of making money from home but what the Cash from Home is offering are shortcuts to the reality on how much one can really earn by working from home. With the false promises made by the owner it is obvious that it is trying to exert the effort of convincing people to sign up for the program to scam them out of their money.

By the fact that it using phony company owner’s name and changing different names for the program from one scam exposure to another, it is very obvious that the Cash From Home is a link posting scam scheme that aims to entice people who are searching for the quickest way of earning from home even if the promised income is not realistic.

Is Cash From Home a Scam?

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