Is Email Sending Jobs A Scam

Is Email Sending Jobs A Scam? – Don’t Waste Your Time

Is Email Sending Jobs A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Email Sending Jobs

OWNER NAME: unknown


RATING:  1/10


You can now possibly earn money simply by sending out emails. Many companies are indeed working on email marketing campaign to promote their products and services and they are willing to pay someone else to do the job. It is not surprising to find a lot of websites offering email marketing jobs online where anyone can earn for every email they send. One of these sites is the Email Sending Jobs where it offers to pay for a simple email sending job. Is Email Sending Jobs a scam? Let’s take a closer look into this work from home scheme.


Email Sending Jobs Review


Email marketing is considered to be a legitimate way of promoting a business online. There are many companies who find it more feasible to cut down on advertising costs by resorting to email marketing. Most companies pay lower than they would for using mainstream marketing channels. Email Sending Jobs takes advantage of this kind of opportunity to offer the job of sending email in behalf of companies that want to promote their business. But just how reliable is this program? Let’s find out.


What Is Email Sending Jobs?


Email Sending Jobs offers to pay its members $1 per email sent. However, I could not help but note that this offer changes since there are reviews showing that Email Sending Jobs used to offer paying $25 per email. But there are a lot of negative reviews about this payment scheme as an exaggerated claim for payout and the Email Sending Jobs probably changed its offer to be more practical at $1 per email. But is this so? Of course not! In business practice the highest that a company is willing to pay for email marketing campaign is a cent per email. This makes me think that pegging at $1 rate will still make its program enticing to the public. But I begin to wonder where Email Sending Jobs get the funds to pay its member for this rate when companies usually pay lower for this kind of marketing scheme.


Email Sending Jobs will require you to become a member in order to access its database containing the email subject, identification and text of the email and the email sending software to use for the job. There is already a prepared template for the email with the email text prepared by the company ready to be sent. All you need to do is simply copy paste and send it in the email. Sounds pretty simple and will probably take only seconds to do. So what company is willing to pay for $1 or $25 per email by doing this kind of job? There are a lot of automated email software that can do this without the extra cost to a company.


Is Email Sending Jobs A Scam




I don’t see any pros for becoming a member of Email Sending Jobs.




There are a lot of cons that are obviously screaming red flags. In order to start earning you need to pay Email Sending Jobs $75. As noted its website usually changes and sometimes it offers free membership. Should you pay the $75 you will not have any guarantee that you will be able to recover it from your earnings. Most legitimate companies will offer membership for free and get their income from the companies that get its services to send out emails. Alarming is that Email Sending Jobs website emphasizes its no refund policy. In addition, are you confident to hand in your $75 to someone anonymous? The owner or whoever is behind Email Sending Jobs does not provide any name, address or contact number. It also means its website can disappear anytime and you do not know from whom to get your payout for a days work.


There is another good reason that Email Sending Jobs is a scam because of the fake testimonials on its site. The names of the ones giving testimonials are fairly generic and there is no way to confirm the personality’s legitimacy. While the site shows the payments generated from its system through the checks it release it can be noted that the checks were issued many years ago and it is from other affiliate marketplaces. Thus, it is not proof at all that Email Sending Jobs is paying its members.


My Final Opinion of Email Sending Jobs


Email Sending Jobs offers an opportunity to earn money by doing a simply task of sending pre-formatted emails. Its claims for earnings are quite exaggerated and there are reasons that the right answer if you ask is Email Sending Jobs a scam is a yes. It is best to avoid it considering that most legitimate work from home jobs will not require you to pay to become a member and earn. The fact that it uses possible fake testimonials, its owner is unknown and the exaggerated claims of earnings just to lure people to sign up are red flags that this site might be something to avoid.

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