Is Best Cash Job A Scam

Is Best Cash Job A Scam?- Where Are The Cash?



Is Best Cash Job A Scam


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Best Cash Job is just new in the internet arena that is offering an online job. Just opened in 2017 the site has been catching a lot of attention because of the appealing marketing scheme it provides on its website. People who are looking for a part time job will certainly become tempted to sign up because it gives a sign up bonus of $25 and pays $10 for every task. Now that sounds like a good offer. But someone who is skeptical about this kind of marketing scheme will ask is Best Cash Job a scam?


Best Cash Job Review


Best Cash Job promotes its website as offering the easiest way to earn for a part-time job. The pay is quite high and there is no sign up fee. It promotes that there are simple jobs that you can complete and you can potentially earn $10 for every 30 seconds task that you complete. Do you believe that? It does not even give you a job and in reality you are not actually earning a salary but commissions. Here’s why.


What is Best Cash Job?


Best Cash Job promotes itself as a platform where you can get part-time job by completing a task. At this onset there is already something wrong about their sales page. If you explore how it works Best Cash Job will ask you to promote a link to other sites and for every click and sign up using the link provided to you, you will earn a $10 commission. This kind of task is not a job but rather it is a form of affiliate marketing. The amount you will potentially earn is not at all a salary from a part-time job but is more reliant on whether or not people will be clicking your link and sign up. Take note that merely clicking on the link will not earn you a commission. Only when one signs up that you become entitled to the $10 commission.


What Best Cash Job is not?


The marketing claims of Best Cash Job are very misleading. It claims the tasks take 30 seconds to complete to get paid. But in reality you have to spend more time sharing the links to various sites and sharing the link as your task will not guarantee you a commission. The site does not give training or any guide to help you how to share links successfully. Moreover it is also doubtful how the company sources out its sign up bonus of $25 when it does not generate income from selling something. Sure it has sponsors but it would be hard to sustain giving out $25 for every sign up on its site. So where does it gets its funding?


Theoretically, the site is oozing with signs of spam. The sign up process itself has become a focus of inquiry why this is so.  Ordinarily, most sign up process will require you to provide basic information such as your name and email address but Best Cash Job will require you to provide your physical address and for what purpose? This makes you susceptible to identity theft not to mention possible hacking of your accounts.


Is Best Cash Job A Scam




Perhaps the only good thing about this site is the free sign up and the $25 sign up bonus.




Best Cash Job promotes an income that is less than what you will actually earn. It is also misleading to market its site as offering a part-time job by doing tasks when what you will actually do is a form of an affiliate marketing that will earn you not a salary but a commission only. The site is also poorly designed with grammatical errors. Professional and legit companies will ensure this does not happen on their site. Moreover, some tabs on the site do not work. Try clicking on its FAQ tab and you will not get any information you need, rather it will take you back to its main page. Certainly you do not want to work for a company that does not provide much information about its background, how their system works or at least discloses the name of the owner of the company.


My Final Opinion of Best Cash Job


There are so many doubtful things about Best Cash Job. It is the kind of site that will not make you feel comfortable working for. So if you ask is Best Cash Job a scam? the answer is yes. The sign up process itself is already shady by asking too much personal information than necessary and its marketing scheme is misleading. The site is obviously preying on people who are looking for an extra income the easy way but along the process they might be giving out their personal information for nothing and spending their time doing affiliate marketing blindly without a sure income to earn.


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