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PRODUCT NAME: Write Your Way To Your First $1K


WEBSITE: https://writeto1k.com/

RATING:  7/10

Freelance writing offers a good opportunity to earn the extra money. You can do it part time or full time, your call. Some writers are able to gain good job opportunities for their writing stints and decided to drop their regular job that pays less than what they can earn from freelance writing.  But unfortunately not everyone who tried freelance writing becomes successful. Sometimes you need to ask where you have gone wrong and why your writing gigs become a flop. For people who are probably dismayed with this kind of situation will find better hope with the Write Your Way To Your First $1k course for writers. This course becomes quite popular today and some cannot help but wonder if the course is indeed worth the shot. Read this Write Your Way to Your First $1K review to give you detailed information on what to expect and what you can possibly gain from it.

What is Write Your Way to Your First $1K?

The Write Your Way to Your First $1K Review is an online and comprehensive course for bloggers and writers by Elna Cain. Elna Cain is a professional online writer who made some mistakes when launching her professional writing career before. As she learned to improve her craft she become successful in building her own business in writing and offer an opportunity to earn full time earnings even from just a part time writing career.

For a fee of $165 for a one-time payment or $65 per month for three months you will have access to the different learning modules on how to learn and become a pro writer and blogger. The course consists of 7 modules with more than 50 video lessons, video tech training, pitch review, email swipe copy, Facebook support group and book client challenge. The online course usually takes 7 weeks

The learning materials consist of videos and books and there are also tools that will be available for you to help you start earning your first $1k. The subscriber will have support from a private Facebook group whose members are also writers who can serve as your support system as you start your way up to build your writing career. There are also live training sessions on Facebook which can help hone your writing skills further. During the online course you will have your own Personalized Pitch Review where Elna will go over your pitch and will suggest how you can improve in order to give a good impression to your clients. Elna will also provide a motivational session to help you boost your confidence of finding clients within 30 days to start building your business.

The course modules

There are seven course modules that will help you kick off your freelance writing career:

  1. Laying the foundation

This will teach you what to expect on your career as a freelance writer and knowing the essential skills you need to start a writer career.

  1. Building your writer platform

This will teach you how to improve your copy to increase the conversion rate on your own website.

  1. Building your portfolio

This module teaches you how to create an impressive portfolio that will be visible to prospect clients.

  1. Finding writing clients

Your writing career will not prosper without finding the right clients. This module provides a step by step guide on how you can find clients and land a job that gives good pay. This also includes the 95+ ways to land clients cheatsheet.

  1. Your pitch

You will learn how to use the right tone to make you sound like a pro and get a decent rate for your writing job.

  1. Your first $1k

This module will help you learn how to present, write, format and optimize images in order to help you land a good pay to earn your first $1K.

  1. Your freelance business

This module will reveal the success ingredients needed to launch your own freelance business as a writer.




The online course provides a step by step guide together with action steps that will help walk you through on your learning. The course is a self paced online course so the learner will not feel the pressure of absorbing overwhelming information to learn about. The lessons are easy to follow to enhance the understanding of the reader and the module and the supplemental learning materials are readily available so you can opt to finish reading and listening to them in one day or take as long as you need.


The module will teach strategies on how you can improve yourself as a freelance writer but will not teach the basic about writing. In order to benefit from the course you should already possess good grammar and basic writing skills.


There are good training materials and learning modules that can benefit freelance writers in the Write Your Way To Your First $1k online course. The product does provide the essential tools and skills needed in order to help you launch your own freelance writing business into full swing. The Write Your Way To Your First $1k just might be worth a shot.



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  1. I want to thank you for writing this article. I am thinking about investing the time and money into starting my own freelance business. I have a long way to go and I am looking into getting tools to help me launch my site.

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