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Fix Monthly Income

Let’s just go straight to the point, Fix Monthly Income ( is a complete scam. There is nothing good about it and it will only sell your personal details to random people. Want to hear more? Then be our guest and read on below to know more of this scammer’s scam.

Fix Monthly Income

True to its name, Fix Monthly Income offers to pay you $5 every time you get a click on the link you post anywhere on the internet. You’ll also get a bonus of $5 whenever you refer someone to join.

It sounds so simple to earn money in this platform and you’ll even be more surprised to know that signing up to Fix Monthly Income is free!

What’s the Catch?

Everyone might get skeptic of the idea and we should really be. In fact, there are several ‘catch’ that will lead you to a very worrying picture when you try to add them all up.

  • Pitiable Language

The language used on the website is certainly pitiable, the wording is poor and even the dollar sign is used in the wrong place. It could be minor but still a sign of unprofessionalism.

  • Missing Legal Information

This should really alert you! Terms and conditions and privacy policy are not indicated in the site. Company information is also missing. You might say that there is an email address provided but hey, can you validate a company’s legitimate business with just an email address?

  • Odd Earnings

Do you really believe that you can earn good money by just clicking the link provided?

If you try and check it out, clicking the link will only lead you back to their website. They claim that they can afford to pay you because of their earnings from advertisers on their site. Have you also tried checking this out? Because there are no advertisements on their site!

Even so, cost analyses show that they cannot afford to pay a whopping $5 per click unless they are advertising incredibly expensive products. Higher clicks don’t also bear out!

  • You will not be Paid

With no valid source of income, how can this company pay you?

There are stories online which confirm that some people are really not paid. One testimonial says that when he was about to claim his money, he had to complete a Captcha where his personal data are to be inputted. He did complete the Captcha but in the end, he still wasn’t able to claim his money.

  • Yes, it’s a SCAM!

The worst part of this scam is their actual modus operandi. They designed their website with a non-existent barrier for entry and created a potential reward low enough not to fright clickers away but high enough to be intriguing.

Their reason for doing so is you, or more specifically your personal data.

When you sign up with Fix Monthly Income, you will need to provide your name, email address, as well as your physical address. And when you try to get paid they also ask for your social security number.

All the data that they were able to gather can be used to bombard you with spam and direct emails, or worse, use your data for identity theft.

Another bad news is that they can not only use your information for their advantage but also sell your data to other scammers and even criminals.

The Verdict

Fix Monthly Income is an A-lister scam! You will not only lose money but can also be dealing with debts and fraud cases because they got your personal information!

When you find yourself stumbling on this website, do not CLICK! Save yourself a headache and just find a real paying job.

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