Survey junkie

Is Survey Junkie a scam? Not so good to be called a junkie.

Product Name: Survey Junkie

Membership fee: Free


Rating: 30/100

Survey junkie

Have you thought of earning some cash doing some generic survey? If you are thinking of to earn some, you might want to try some online survey portals in the internet.

I still don’t get it on this online survey thingy. You do some surveys and get paid. Not much though but it is still money and it’s free. Heh.. why not?

Before you click away to do the surveys, you need to read this review first.

Many of us have the mindset that online surveys are just getting your rewards after completing a survey. It is as easy as plucking your rewards from a magical tree. In the world of internet scams, most of these so called survey companies manipulate users into accessing their site for free and thereafter try endless marketing tricks to make users pay for their products and upsells.

You get a few bucks of reward but have to pay a chunk of your money on their upsells and products. So be careful out there don’t be fool by FREE stuff, survey and rewards, you will be trap like a rat with a cotton candy in a cage!

Read on.

What is Survey Junkie?

Survey junkie1

Survey Junkie is a site that allows users to hook up with other survey portals. They are not a site to get you to do surveys to earn cash rewards, redeem gift cards, etc but a site that act like a middle man between members that wants to participate in surveys to earn rewards.

One of the benefits of this program is the free access to get started. It is a simple process and all that you need is to key your email address and that’s it. You’ll get your details on signing up just like a welcome page and a password to access the site. Thereafter, you get a list of survey sites to choose and do your surveys.

This site only directs you as a member to survey sites, not sure if they get any credits or affiliates to the survey sites. It is an interesting idea though. Anyways, if you think of it, the first thing you need to do is to key in your email address, this site is rather smart, it builds a subscriber list from users when they join in as a member and bam! Email marketing. Not bad.

Do you need any training or tutorials? I don’t think so. This site does not offer training although they tell you on what survey panel is. Not much to train but you will be investing your time on doing surveys. Not a good idea though.

Is Survey Junkie a scam?

I think it is 50-50. It is not a scam site as it is free. You get access to survey sites and you will get some rewards like gift cards, redeem points to earn cash, etc. Basically, not much to offer from the survey sites only your time will be wasted doing surveys.

Survey junkie2

Remember email marketing, one thing I don’t like about this site is the spamming emails on survey alerts and promotion, etc. It will flood your inbox and my advice to you is to get a separate email account if you want to join this site or any survey site moving forward. Trust me, your principle email account will not get affected by these annoying emails.

Should you try it?

My thoughts, No.

I am not against survey sites but I think it will be a waste of your time and effort to do a survey and get some rewards, not monetary rewards but gift cards and points redemption for vouchers.

You should also look at the negative feedbacks received and I can agree to most of them. Some of the recommended survey sites do not give their rewards as promised and well, you got complaints from customers.

I am also rather surprised not totally, this site also introduce to you an upsell to another program on a survey portal site. What is the use? You tell me, I got no idea.

So by joining this site, you will get spam emails, introduce to an upsell and wasted time on participating surveys. Not an ideal product for me.


I am not sure you can benefit from this product although it does recommend you some survey sites for you to choose and participate in surveys.

The rewards from participating in surveys are almost nothing and I can tell you that it will be better if you can find another alternative way to make some money. You can join my affiliate marketing course for free and I can show you some strategies on affiliate marketing. It is better than participating in a survey, you will get information on the fundamentals of creating your own income out of building your own website. So sign up for my course.

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Internet Scams Report

So keep in mind on participating in a survey, there is something that in the plot that you don’t know. It is misleading.

See you again. Please share your comments below.

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