MyView another survey scam?

Product Name: MyView

Membership fee: Free

Rating: 20/100

Is this another survey scam? My previous blog on MySurvey is no different. This is another survey scam than appears in the internet and I am quite puzzled by many of these survey websites trying to get people to complete their surveys promising them with free gifts and rewards. The thing is with these survey websites is that it is a waste your time and efforts in return for some kind of reward scheme.

Unless it is proven that one of these survey websites can turn me around, let me share with you my thoughts on MyView.

What is Mysurvey?


MyView is another survey site that allows users to earn rewards by doing surveys. It is also a free site and by participating in their survey you can achieve points and exchange it for gifts cards from retailers such as Amazons, iTunes and many more. It is almost similar to MySurvey but every websites have their differences to provide users with their originality.

Unlike the other survey sites, MyView offer you some points when users are unable to complete a survey.

Is MyView a scam?

Most of users have different opinion in survey websites. Some might say that MyView is legit as it has been around in the internet for awhile and are well known in the market which connects to reputable companies and always pays its customers or members.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against survey websites but to me, it doesn’t make any sense by doing surveys, it can increase your income tremendously and give you the knowledge to be improve your internet marketing skills. As such, my thought of MyView is YES, it is a scam.

Well, to be honest, this product is not for me and I am not recommending you. My opinion has states that this product will waste your time and there are many better ways to earn online than doing surveys.

Is it worth the shot to join MySurvey?

The rewards system is similar to other survey websites. You will get points and exchange them for rewards. You can read my previous blog on MySurvey to understand better on the reward system.


From the, the reviews are slightly better that MySurvey. There are more positive reviews for MyView. So for those of you who would like to try out for the fun of it, you can do so.


I have done my review on Swagbucks and MySurvey. This will be my last review on a survey website. From the3 websites, I will give MyView a little credit although the homepage is not as convincing as the other 2 websites.

You can give MyView a shot if you want to but I think your time can be made to full use by doing other things in the internet. You can learn to create your own websites and you can have a sense of achievement when you see your website grow and achieve a modest traffic counts. It is much better than going through a meaningless survey to get points and rewards.

However, if you are keen to try it out, you can do so, it is free website which does not need any amount of investment but your time will be lost. Time is ticking.

Share with us your experience, drop your comment below. Thank you.

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