Is MySurvey a scam?

Product Name: MySurvey

Membership fee: Free

Rating: 20/100

While doing my review on Swagbucks, I came across a very interesting site that claims that it pays by participating in their online survey. I find it interesting as you can make some cash while participating in an online survey. So I started to do a bit of research on MySurvey and I guess their claims on getting paid are not totally true.

So I will share with you my thoughts on the MySurvey.

What is Mysurvey?

MySurvey is a site that allows users to earn rewards in sweepstakes by doing surveys. It is a free site and by participating in their survey and referring to this site to your friends or social networks, you can earn sweepstakes to redeem cash by PayPal or other modes of rewards such as gift cards, etc.

Is MySurvey a scam?

My thought is YES.

I think most of the reviews I read online tell me this is a product to be avoided. Let me run through with you how you can get the rewards via participating in Mysurvey.

  1. You can earn points and exchange them for a payment to your PayPal account.
  2. You can exchange you points for some merchandise offered or e-vouchers from online retailers such as Amazon, etc.
  3. You can exchange your points and donate them to selected charity organization.
  4. You can be in their referral program. You can redeem 150 points for a referral.

I guess all the above pointers are not as bad. But wait, did I tell you my thought that this product is a scam?

While I am writing this review, many are get paid reviewing MySurvey, getting referral to join them. Well, I guess this product is not for me and I am not recommending you. My opinion is that that this product will waste your time and your time is precious and there are many better ways to earn online.

Is it worth the shot to join MySurvey?

I do not recommend.

There are more negative reviews than one for MySurvey. You can see that it is not worth your time as you need to be persistent to get the points. Let say you are not active and there are no referrals for a few weeks or a few months, your balance will disappear.

MySurvey review

So, you should keep in mind on the reviews should you want to join MySurvey. You may get $10-$20 on referrals to a few friends or colleagues but you may spend a lot of your time and effort to get the points and thereafter not able to redeem them as they disappear in the system.


Well, MySurvey is a bit similar to Swagbucks but I rather join Swagbucks than MySurvey. Swagbucks have more variety in terms of participation such as watching videos, playing online games, etc. When I heard of Mysurvey, I thought it is rather interesting to earn some money while participating on their online survey but I think it is not a product that convinces me definitely.

You can try other better means in the internet to earn your passive income. As I say a couple of times in this review, MySurvey is not recommended as your time will be much better invested in other means of internet marketing. However, if you are keen to try it out, you can do so, it is free and does not need any amount of investment but it is your time that will be lost.

Feel Free to leave any comments below.

1 thought on “Is MySurvey a scam?”

  1. I use to like my survey I got to test products and get gift cards. Then they randomly wouldn’t let me access my account it said it was invalid. I always answer all surveys with truthful info. I don’t know why that happened don’t join they will delete you account with no reason and you cant claim your points

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