IS Bubblews a Scam?

Is Bubblews a Scam? – Very Time Consuming

Product Name: Bubblews

Product Owner: Arvind & Jason

Price: Free

Rating: 60/100

IS Bubblews a Scam?
You are looking for some making money online opportunity with your writing skill and found out that Bubblews exist. You are wondering is Bubblews a Scam? No, it is not a scam, but it is not easy to make the extra penny out of it.

What is it?

Bubblews is a writing community that share 50/50 advertisement revenue with their members’ articles.

Bubblews Review

There are lot of conflict and rumours is this writing community legit. It allows anyone to join free and write any topic as long the article is original. I don’t see anything wrong with it, but certainly not the right choice to invest your time in it.
All you need do to is just produce an article at least of 400 characters. It is pretty easy to write a short story within 400 characters. After you written an article post it and share on social network. You get paid for views to your articles. You can write up to a maximum of 10 articles a day.

Is Ewen Chia a Scam?


• Free
•Very easy to navigate the site
• Only need to write at least 400 characters


• Time consuming
•Lot of spams
• Delete member account for no reason
•Only 10 articles limit to post per day
• Members’ experience not getting paid
• Site experience lagging

How to get redeem pay

Once you reach a minimum threshold of $50, you can go to the section bank and redeem your payment. You can only redeem once every 30 days. You must have a PayPal account in order to receive payment. PayPal account is very easy to create.

My Final Opinion

It is not a bad place after all. If you feel like writing a short story to share with your friends in social sharing, just go for it. Don’t think of making money in the first place. Write out your thoughts, emotion and life experience.
Never ever copy and paste from another blog or website and post. You will be penalized and risk your account being close.

Who suitable to join?

People who love to write but doesn’t want to have an online business. People who have free time to put their thoughts into words and return with little cash.

What next?

Bubblews is not a scam but clearly you can see it not worth your time producing article to fill up content for them. If you love to write then you shouldn’t take this opporunity lightly. Build an online business with your passion in writing. Learn a proper way how can be done. Make every word you wrote belongs to yours. Refer to my #1 Recommend Product below.

What do you think of Bubblews? Feel to drop your comment below. Thank You.

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