Is My Lead System Pro (MLSP) a scam?

Product Name: My Lead System Pro


Membership fee: USD$49.97/month onwards + other upgrades.

Rating: 60/100


There are many internet marketing products in the internet that sells especially MLM affiliated products. One such product that sells is My Lead System Pro (MLSP). MLSP has been in the market since 2008 and they have recruited many followers to be in their program. Their programs consist of training tools and courses to equip users to be MLM marketers.

My previous blog on Galaxy Trio explains the pitfalls of joining the MLM companies. As a MLM marketer, you are given the tools to equip yourself in marketing the product and as such, you do not have the freedom on to explore your own passion to succeed. Your time will be focusing on the company’s product and it will become a job for you.

So does this mean that MLSP is a scam? It is all depends whether you are into MLM marketing or you are seeking something else other than MLM marketing. If you are into MLM marketing, then MLSP is design for you but if you are seeking otherwise, I suggest that you try to think deep and look for other alternatives.

So let’s go into the review.

What does MLSP provide?


For MLSP provides programs for users on comprehensive training such as training videos, webinars, marketing strategies, etc on internet marketing. It provides users the tools to equip them with the knowledge on the MLM marketing strategies and engage users in promoting MLSP.

Should you start with MLM instead of seeking other alternative?

When you start on a business, you will need be focus and to give your best into it. I believe when you want to achieve in something you do, you need to have a mindset to pursue your goals. You will need to persevere and continue to move on when reaching an obstacle.

When you join a business company such as a MLM, you will need guidance and a product that will equip you with the knowledge to act on. The company you join must also provide you with a good training so that you don’t feel lost when you start your business. From my experience with the 2 MLM companies, I don’t receive such adequate training although the products they market are good.

It is not about training but you will need to be focus on achieving your goals. Focusing on a business is sometimes hard when the business you are into is not your passion but a job for you. When you join a MLM company, you need to be focus on their products and be an active member. As such, a few succeed while the rest will lose interest and drop out of the business. This is one of my honest reasons on why I did not succeed in MLM.

Is it worth the shot to join MLSP?

MLSP2MLSP provides you with comprehensive programs which can enable you to have the knowledge on internet marketing. However, you will need to look at the cost of membership and upgrades MLSP are offering.

Joining a company is easy with a click of a mouse but to remain focus and the product effectiveness is another ball game. The product you will need must be effective and affordable. Personally, you need to seek a good product in order to improve your knowledge. My thought on MLSP is although the product is appealing but however, the cost can be steep. For those aspiring internet marketers who want to know learn and have in-depth knowledge on MLM marketing, then MLSP is designed for you but for those who are seeking alternative ways without hurting their pockets, I can recommend you a program which doesn’t cost you a fortune.

The cost for MLSP upgrades and membership fees is steep for those who are just trying out in internet marketing. It will be a big risk for you when you purchase the upgrades on a few thousand dollars and thereafter do not make full use of it later. It can really demoralized your will power when you spent thousands of dollars on your start up but later you could not even break even on your investment.


As mentioned, MLSP are meant to provide training to current MLM marketers and one of the better MLM companies in the market. However, the entry and upgrade costs are too steep for those going in as first timers. So if you are currently into MLM marketing, MLSP should be for you but for those who have yet to decide, my advice is not be join.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, there are other better ways in the internet to learn the trades in internet marketing. Honestly, when you join any programs, you need to be focus on your goals and follow them. Without focusing and hardwork, you will fail.

It is not rocket science and there are many ways to make your money work for you. All I can say is that you need to find a product that is suited for you and your passion. Don’t treat this business as a job but treat it as your passion, remain focus and this will lead you somewhere successful in life.

Feel free to drop any comments below. Thank you.

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