Is MOBE products a scam? – Everyone is saying so.

Product Name: My Online Business Empire (MOBE)


Start up fee: USD$49 +  USD$1997 membership rights + many upgrades

Owner: Matt Lloyd

Rating: 50/100

Recently, I was introduced on MOBE. I heard it from somewhere but could not recall. My thought was this is some kind of scam. So I decided to check out the reviews. To my horror, I was a bit shocked to see many negative reviews on MOBE.

What is My Online Business Empire (MOBE)?


MOBE is another internet marketing training site which offers training and internet marketing programs and courses. MOBE is founded by Matt Lloyd and with his team, they have included other products in their programs.

MOBE operates on a MLM platform and affiliates are paid to recruit new referrals. The interesting thing about the referral programs is when your referral chooses the higher tier programs, you will receive more commissions. It is quite good to make a living I can say.

My honest point of view is that MOBE programs is designed and tailored for MLM marketers to upgrade their skills in internet marketing and this is not for those who are new.

Can I follow MOBE?

From my last blog on My Lead System Pro (MLSP), it is your choice. Most of the MLM programs are catered to those who have relatively sound knowledge of MLM marketing. As such, if you are a person who are looking for an alternative and learn internet marketing, I suggest you don’t even look and enroll in their programs.

All I can say that you will burn your pockets and their programs will not benefits you. This is my honest opinion.

All programs that you come across or introduced have pros and cons. MOBE too have its pros and cons and let me share with you.



  • Wide range of programs to choose from
  • Relatively good commissions or payout from the programs you sell
  • Referral programs that allows you to network with other affiliates


  • Programs are expensive
  • Affiliates are focusing on selling programs which doesn’t applies to my way of doing internet marketing as a passion
  • You will need to buy the program in order to sell it to other affiliates. As such, you will need to ‘master’ or to know how efficient the program so that you can sell it

My Thoughts of MOBE

My thoughts on MOBE – Joining MOBE, you will be have to purchase a product and therefore learn to master it. The products you are selling must be beneficial to the referral you introduce and sometimes this can be a pain when you do not have the resources to sell it to. For me, this is not a business but a job for you and I honestly feel that I don’t believe in selling products which I have no passion.

You will not be learning on how you should build your business that you are interested in but to promote the product that you have purchase. Sound interesting to you? I guess I will skip this if I were you.

Membership in MOBE

To be in MOBE program, you will need to enroll and pay up an initial start up and thereafter you will need to pay USD$1997 for the MOBE licence rights where you can access the programs catered for affiliates. There is no free start-up or any free hosting nor free web-site for your training purposes.


MOBE2Many of us wants to enjoy life to the fullest without going to a day job and being an employee. I am one of them. To me, the money you earn brings food to your family and every penny is precious. Honestly, I don’t think by joining MOBE will be beneficial to you. Unless you are looking into MLM marketing and trust that the system works well for you to succeed.

There are many ways to find a suitable program and create a best method to generate your knowledge in internet marketing. You may find some programs that are useful than others. So why not learn the foundation of internet marketing for free and from there onwards you can decide the best solution for your business online. You can join me with my #1 recommend product which is risk free.

So what’s next for you? Think about it.

Feel free to comment below. Thank you.

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