Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam?

Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam? – You Shouldn’t Pay to Learn

Product Name: Paid Social Media Jobs

Product Website:

Product Owner: Annie Jones

Price: $47, $37 and lot of upsells

Rating: 20/100

Is Paid Social Media a Scam?

What is it?

Wondering is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam? Let me tell you first, I’m not an affiliate of this product and rest assure I not sneaking within my post to hide an affiliate link to get you sign up. Make it short, let call it PSMJ. It is a product that teaches you how to look for freelance online jobs.

Looking for freelance online jobs to generate extra cash? Yes, it is possible these days. Do you need to pay in order to start doing it? No! There are lot of ways to get started for free such as Fiverr, Elance and Odesk.
Depend what are your skill sets that people looking for. So I got to say I feel PSMJ is trying to outsmart people like you and me.

Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam?



• Step by step training


• No free trial
•Lack of support
• Not up to date training
•Not an online business model

With current internet technology, there are many software like Hootsuite, Tello come handy for social media users to handle multiple virtual assistant’s task. As I mention above it all depend on individual skill set. There are demand for jobs like writing, voice over, graphic designer for banner and logo. And these jobs you can start at no cost.

For who

People who need some extra knowledge to get started on finding jobs online with zero experience can give it a peep. If you already know what is online freelance jobs and how to find them, my suggestion gives this product a pass.


I don’t think it is suitable for anyone and certainly I not here to bash products for the sake of it. If you have read my previous review, I try my best to drill in and give you the best insight I can. I keeping you safe from internet scams as well as your hard earn money. Seriously your time and money are precious. You should put it in a place that worth.
Paid Social Media Jobs is a scam or legit? In my point of view, it is a product below average and with the sales page misleading visitor of getting rich fast and easy. This raises a major red flag.

What Next?

Start with a proper internet business need to put in time and effort. There is no short cut or easy way. My suggestion is to start your internet business with your passion. Learn from a community that’s willing to lend their hands to you whenever you need help. Learn more on my #1 Recommend Product.

What do you think about Paid Social Media Jobs? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks

1 thought on “Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam? – You Shouldn’t Pay to Learn”

  1. Hey cena , after reading your post, its good that i didn’t registered on the site [paid media jobs] you saved my dollars. since you said it takes money after the trial period, which is something like giving your time and effort along with the money is literally illogical and yes no offence i think these kinds of websites should be reported in cybercrimecell or cybercell india , i dont know how they are still up and running.
    Great work..keep coming,

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