Is Appen A Scam

Is Appen A Scam? – Legit Online Jobs


Is Appen A Scam





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If you love social media there are opportunities to earn from it. There are different ways to earn from work at home jobs and you can possibly generate income from your passion. Company like Appen offers an opportunity to work for them as a social media evaluator so you get to spend more time in the social media arena and earn at the same time.

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But just as any online job opportunities you should be wondering is Appen a scam? With its bankable reputation, Appen is one of the legit businesses that offer promising online jobs. Here’s why.


Appen Work At Home Review

Appen has a team working to help businesses expand their organization within the global market, especially technology companies with flexible workers to help around the world. Its virtual team consists of marketing and sales specialists that work together in order to ensure that the products and technologies used by their clients will help them land a good business positioning worldwide. It can deliver help on in-vehicle speech recognition technology, improvement of search engine optimization or build translation software. It has flexible workers from more than 130 countries in about 180 languages.


Appen has a good reputation in its industry, especially when it was awarded as one of the most outstanding companies offering flexible jobs in the year 2014 until 2017 consistently. What Appen offers is a job opportunity but essentially not an employment. This means that it contracts independent, part-time workers for a specific job on a project and not for a regular employment. One of the most popular jobs is Appen web evaluator, although there are many openings for the position of lead generation sales specialists and linguist on demand. Appen has a wide bank of clients whose brands are known in their respective industry.


What Is Appen Web Evaluator?


An Appen web evaluator is responsible for studying the relevancy of a company’s social media technology that is based on news feed. One needs to be a social media user who will assess, observe and evaluate the social media performance of a particular company. One needs to spend at least four hours a day in social media at a flexible time for five times a week. Appen will provide certain standards and instructions that one should be able to follow and you will be required to evaluate content and identify its relevancy in the social media markets.


Appen requires native English speaking contractors with the technical requirement of having a high speed internet connection with a computer with Microsoft Windows running Vista or above, and the ability to install and troubleshoot technical issues with only limited support needed. It is free to register an account with Appen but you need to go through a rigid application process. It is important to provide accurate social media information about yourself such as your social media account, blogs or websites that you have. Upon completion of providing information you will be asked to sign a Master Services Agreement. Do not forget to opt for allowing Appen consider your application for other available positions in the future to give you more opportunities to work on other jobs that you might qualify.




Appen has good reputation and credibility. It is known to pay their workers on time. There are also wide ranges of work from home opportunities that you can explore of applying. Working part time for Appen will give you the assurance that you are working on legitimate jobs that will pay for your efforts and time.




Appen does not provide guarantee employment or jobs. Hence, you cannot depend on Appen for regular income stream.


Is Appen A Scam


Who is Appen For?


Appen is for individuals looking for work from home jobs on a part time basis. It is also very ideal for people who spend more time in social media.


Appen Tools & Training and Support


Appen prefers contractors with the ability and skills to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues on their own. As an independent contractor you will be left to do your tasks without much technical assistance from the company. Thus, being tech savvy is important. When working on a particular job, Appen provides support by giving clear instructions and guidelines on how you can deliver your tasks. In case of positions requiring the use of a particular software, Appen will provide you the software or will ask you to download it on your computer.


My Final Opinion of Appen

Appen is one of the reputable companies offering legitimate work from home jobs. The answer to the question is Appen a scam? is quite obvious. It is not a scam but one that can provide good paying jobs for people who love to spend time in social media. Appen is highly recommended for people looking for a part time income as a web evaluator.


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