Is Get Paid To Draw a Scam?

Is Get Paid to Draw a Scam? – Artist in Disguise

Product Name: Get Paid Taking Pictures
Website: (not affiliate link)
Price: $74, down sales $24 and $12
Rating: 15/100

Is Get Paid To Draw a Scam?

I not an artist and drawing is not my strength either. I struggle during my art class back in my school days. But then I do love, cartoon, comic and beautiful drawing. Today we going to look at a product that claim to teach get paid by drawing.

What is Get Paid to Draw?

The sales page is almost the same as a product I come across before. It looks like a family of Get Paid Taking Pictures.

The same method on how you make money online by selling your drawing or pictures on Elance and Shutterstock. But first pay a cost of $74 in order to get started. But if you chose to leave the site you can a discount of $50. Even drop to the price of $12 if chose to leave second time. Look desperate to me that the product doesn’t trust itself.

Is Getting Paid To Draw a Scam?

They’re a bonus when you sell your first image online. This is a gimmick and I don’t believe it will deliver.
I do some research on what is included in this product.

This product comes with a 55 pages of PDF, videos and other external links to other site. These external links I suppose are affiliate links.

Does It Work?

Seriously, I not sure, basically the method taught and guide is to sell your drawing or pictures on other site. Also taking on freelance jobs to take photo when you receive orders.

You will also be learning how to design simple graphic and logo to add to your skill to earn more. Teaching people online how to draw.

Is Get Paid To Draw a Scam?

As you can see it is possible to make money online from this service and sell it online. But what I can’t agree is that the ridiculous amount of earning potential.


Long story cut it short, I usually go into more details on the product pro and con. I simply can’t find the pro but a lot of raise flags and outrageous claim of earning income potential. Is Get Paid To Draw a scam? I feel it is and don’t recommend you to waste your time.

Fiverr and Elance allow you to join free and get started to sell whatever you like. Of course you must be good at what you do before you can offer your service.

I rather you sell your own drawing on your personal blog or website. This way you have better control of the price.
If you believe you can draw and wish to teach others. You can use join Udemy to create your course or set up your own membership site and start your course. I more than happy to help you out. Read my #1 Recommend Product 

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What you think of Get Paid To Draw? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks

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