Is Be The Boss Network a scam? You will not Be The Boss if you use this.

Product Name: Be The Boss Network

Owner: Responsive Data LLC


Membership fee: Free.

Rating: 25/100


Internet marketing can be an interesting job and if you have an idea that is out of the ordinary, you can hit a jackpot when you launch your product. There are many internet marketing products in the internet and one of which that I am going to review.

I can say about this product is a bit out of the ordinary and different from the rest of the product I have seen so far. It is not about training programs nor a product that will make you an internet sensation, it is about finding you a business opportunity with MLM companies. You can so call it a MLM directory.

So let’s go into the review.

What does Be The Boss Network provide?

Be The Boss Network is a site that provides opportunities to users to find work at home jobs or home based businesses. There is a catch here and this site only provides you opportunities to multi-level marketing (MLM) companies and there are no other opportunities you can look out for if you sign up for this program.

So Be The Boss Network claims that the MLM companies are hand-picked by them, I don’t think so. When you join this program, you will be introduced to many MLM companies which you will have to choose. All these companies will cost you your initial investment when you sign up for their programs and thereafter, you will need to do the hard selling on their products.


From the directory of MLM companies provided by Be The Boss Network, you can see that the reviews on the companies are always good. For the user, I don’t think you are able to decide which are the best MLM companies suited for you. Moreover, some of the MLM companies which I have reviewed, are in the directory list.

Is it worth the shot to join Be The Boss Network?

From my point of view, it is not worth a shot although it is free. BE the Boss Network does not provide any form of training but introducing you to MLM companies via email marketing. So you will be required to give your email address and other personal information, thereafter, you will received a welcome note by the program and thus a series of follow up emails on MLM companies you should be joining.

On the websites. there are a FAQ section and nothing else. There are no contact us section or any other form of information to contact for support matters. I guess this is just a directory for MLM companies and to sell their product.



As mentioned, Be The Boss Network is only a platform to help users to find opportunities, it does not provide any form of training and only recommend MLM companies that are hand-picked by them. I think it is an interesting business model and you can use this idea to create your own opportunity in your internet marketing business.

My conclusion is that this product is not a scam but a directory to create opportunities for users in form of promoting MLM companies. The site does not have much functions but it has an interesting business model and it is free.

So if you are interested in developing our internet marketing skills and would like to know more, you can sign up for my FREE 5 days affiliate marketing course whereby you can learn the know how on affiliate marketing. You can also read my review on my #1 recommend product to learn more on internet marketing, building a website for your online business.

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