Is Secret Money System a Scam?

Is Secret Money System a Scam? – Red Flags Surface All Over

Product Name: Secret Money System

Owner: Ronnie Montano

Membership fee: $49

Rating: Unrated

Is Secret Money System a Scam?

There are lots of gurus out there that position themselves as expert in making money online. They willing to give you the secret for a price. Some are real dudes, but most are pure fakers. They see the weakness as most people believe making money online is easy. Matters of fact, it is not, you are smart to know that as well.

Let me be honest with you, I do not purchase this product in the first place. All my opinion is base what the sales video trying to sell me. Is Secret Money System a Scam? I will totally avoid this crap if I were you.

The RED Flag of Secret Money System

I list down the red flags for you to refer so you need not go through the lengthy video.

  •  A nice looking guy by the name Juan Gabriel, he is a sweet talker and very comfortable in front of camera. He more like an actor than an internet marketer. Did some digging and found out he is an actor hired by Ronnie Montano.
  • Making you dream of living a big nice house and sport car. Selling you dream in advance.
  • I just can’t believe at earning proof and the bank account. These kind of screen shot can easily edit and Photoshop.
  • Testimonials can be an important part of the sales page. It determines someone who had tried it and witness. Sorry to say, you can easily hire some on Fiverr who can speak anything for you at $5.
  • 90 days is the time frame you need to make $100k. This makes my tummy burst. I give you a fake gun and go rob a bank can make faster than this system.
  • Our handsome actor Juan Gabriel is talking and acting throughout the video, but didn’t explain even a little detail of the system. He says it is free and next offer you a discount and ask for $49.

While you are imagining how you going to live with the money you haven’t made. You ask to cough out $49 which first you heard is free. I have to say nothing is free in this world. The red flags clearly give you a big warning.


If you can’t act hire an actor, but of course prepare the script for him at least. Is Secret Money System a scam? I feel it is as I already encounter lots of other products similar to this. Some of them save the money by putting themselves all the screens.

There’s no secret or exact formula on how making money online, but to avoid scams online or offline is pretty obvious. Stay safe online refer to my list on “Way to Avoid Internet Scams

Internet Scams Report


What you think of Secret Money System? Feel to drop your comment below. Thanks

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